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Plastik Funk Brings The Feels With New Track "Sunrise"
For release on/after 05 December 2016

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Audio - 02. Extended Mix (private, not for publication)

Artists: Plastik Funk
Title: Sunrise
Label: 01. Armada Trice (Club Mix) / 02. Armada Deep (Extended Mix)
Release date: 01. 05 December 2016 (Armada Trice) / 02. 09 January 2017 (Armada Deep)

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Every avid raver knows the feeling of dancing all night, lost in a reverie of music until the sky brightens and the first fragile fingers of light illuminate the sky. Witnessing the birth of a new day is a cathartic, enchanting experience indeed - one that Plastik Funk has managed to capture perfectly in their new single "Sunrise". The versatile German duo heard a sampling of Katt Rose's bewitching vocals and knew they had to produce a track for them. The result is undoubtedly blissful; "Sunrise" opens with dramatic, orchestra-like instrumentals that lead into a melodic break that perfectly complements Rose's vocals. Proving their dynamic talents in yet another instance, Plastik Funk produced two versions of "Sunrise" the Club and Extended mixes, to suit every listening ambiance. The Club Mix pairs down the vocals and plays up a groovy, trumpet-infused bassline for ample dance floor potential, while the Extended Mix is reminiscent of progressive trance and perfect for relaxed listening any time of day. "Sunrise" is slated to be released on Armada Deep and Armada Trice in December; it's the perfect winter pick-me-up for the winter months.

Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo and Mikio Gruschinske are no strangers to producing-yet-energetic house tracks; they have made "bliss house" their mantra and developed a carefully curated sound to match. Their multifaceted music has found a home on the Armada labels, where they have released a multitude of singles, including their electrifying recent hit "Ever". Plastik Funk's mission is simple - get people dancing and make them feel good! The duo manage to accomplish this during every live set; they have played at some of the best music festivals and clubs around the world as part of the Armada crew, and each performance has the crowd grooving to singles like "Love & Affection" and "Tight". With a slew of new releases under way for 2017, the future of Plastik Funk has never looked so bright!

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