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The Faceless Howwler Releases Sinister First EP "Chapter One"
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Artists: Howwler
Title: Chapter One EP
Label: Self-distributed
Release date: 08 September 2017

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Rumors of a sinister, faceless presence are emerging from the underground. The enigma has never been seen before, only identified by its malevolent music. It's been dubbed "Howwler" in honor of the eerie wolf's cry that is featured on its premiere EP, "Chapter One." The two track selection is our first peek into Howwler's mysterious identity; the opening track "Midnight" will induce goosebumps with its serrating synths, evil cackling, and of course, the wolf's howl. As the EP progresses to "Signs & Wonders," its aesthetic shifts from Halloween-esque to underground warehouse rave. The driving bassline on "Signs & Wonders" makes it a raw dancefloor track, but it's clear that Howwler isn't making music for virgin ears. His style is aimed at fans of the underground, educated listeners with discerning taste and a penchant for music as dark as their black club outfits.

Howwler's sound is reminiscent of the legendary Gesaffelstein in his "Pursuit" period; it is an assault to the senses in which an equally twisted listener will find a deep and hedonistic pleasure. While his identity is a complete mystery, the well-known Paradigm Talent Agency has discovered Howwler and signed him to their ranks. Paradigm also hosts producers in the same musical range as Howwler, such as A-Trak, REZZ and Mija. Howwler cannot hide in the shadows forever, but we have been warned: something wicked this way comes...

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