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Your EDM | Mar 08, 2022

Nicky Romero and Almero Drop New House Heater “So Much Love”

Nicky Romero is keeping it going with another house-heater, “So Much Love.” This time, Nicky teams up with French producer (and Protocol veteran) Almero for an energetic piano house tune that has major old school vibes. Once again, Nicky Romero steps outside of the sounds his fans might know him for. But, the results are well worth it. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: | Mar 05, 2022


Ape Rave Club isn’t an artist you’d normally see on any festival lineup, but this digital primate is debuting on one of the biggest stages in all of dance music: the Tomorrowland mainstage. As the first NFT artist to perform at the world renowned event, Ape Rave Club will capture the attention of the global dance music community with a set to be seen by over half a million fans. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Dancing Astronaut | Feb 26, 2022

Nicky Romero opens up about his new purpose and direction after 12 years on the road

It’s March of 2020, and Nick Rotteveel is sitting in his home in the Netherlands, a sanctuary away from the chaos of his life as a touring artist. Instead of ‘home’ being a momentary reprieve between trips to switch out suitcases and catch up on sleep, home is starting to look more permanent to him as the world grapples with what is now known as the beginning of a still ongoing pandemic. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Wonderland Magazine | Feb 25, 2022


The Thai actor, singer, model, and all-around content creator releases the music video for his brand new single debuted via the NFT-fueled Purple Fly label. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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New York Times | Feb 25, 2022

R3HAB and TikTok Star Saucy Santana Revive Freak Nasty’s “Da’ Dip” as Modern Party Anthem “Put Your Hands On My _”

Saucy Santana’s “Material Girl” is the optimal viral hit — easy to shout along with, organized around a catchy phrase, full of performative attitude. This easy-as-pie collaboration with the D.J.-producer R3hab is an update of Freak Nasty’s “Da Dip,” one of the seminal songs of Atlanta bass music, and a bona fide mid-1990s pop hit as well. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Feb 22, 2022

Faybl releases emotional progressive house hit “Island”

American up and coming duo Faybl’s newest release – “Island,” will take you back to the cathartic, high-energy dance anthems of the early 2010s – aka the year this blog was born. The duo’s signature sound is on stunning display with their latest hit, opening with soulful vocals belting out heartfelt lyrics like “even if it hurts, even if the tides turn violent, I will be your island.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Triple J | Feb 12, 2022

Mix Up: JVNA

Playing at the dichotomy of light and dark, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JVNA produces electronic pop with melodic bass edge. Having studied classical piano from the age of 6, she went to college at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she learned to score films and video games. JVNA started producing electronic music inspired by future bass sound, stumbling on viral hits with game and anime remixes. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Forbes | Jan 28, 2022

Meet JVNA: Electronic Pop And Melodic Bass Maven

Jana Ma, known mononymously as JVNA, stuns audiences around the world with her dichotomy of lightness and darkness in her productions that fuse electronic pop with melodic bass. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist attributes her distinct sound to her classical music training. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Mag North America | Jan 22, 2022

Selections: JVNA

JANA MA barely remembers a life before music, and how could she? Her parents, both Taiwanese immigrants, enrolled her in piano lessons at just six years old. Her proclivity for the keys eventually led her to the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she turned her attention toward composing ethereal scores for film and video games. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Rolling Stone India | Jan 22, 2022

#HitsOfTomorrow: “When The Lights Go Down” by DVBBS, Galantis, Cody Simpson

Canadian duo DVBBS team up with Swedish duo Galantis and get Australian singer Cody Simpson on board for their fun collaboration “When The Lights Go Down.” Unlike many big DJ dance collab records, this one gets it right, combining just the right amount of production from both DJ duos and giving Simpson enough space not to sound generic. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Entertainment Tonight Canada | Jan 21, 2022

DVBBS, Galantis, and Cody Simpson Join Forces on “When The Lights Go Down”

DVBBS and Galantis team up for their new single “When The Lights Go Down”, which enlists famous Australian singer and heartthrob Cody Simpson. The song follows Galantis’s recent smash hit “Sweet Talker” with Years & Years. When asked about the collaboration, DVBBS said… CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: | Jan 19, 2022


In just 24 hours, Krewella stunned and galvanized fans with back-to-back announcements. Starting off the week on a high note, the sisters announced that the follow-up to their 2020 album, zer0, will be arriving on March 4th, 2022. In less than two months, 10 new tracks from the superstar duo will hit the airwaves in The Body Never Lies. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Mag Spain | Dec 27, 2021

Krewella Return with New Single “No Control”

Krewella are back and going harder than ever with their new single “No Control,” for which they teamed up with LA-based startup bass producer MADGRRL. Steering away from their emotive previous deep house and pop music-oriented release “Never Been Hurt” with BEAUZ, the new track establishes a hard-hitting Melbourne bounce and hardstyle influence from the get-go. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Billboard | Dec 20, 2021

Felix Cartal & Karen Harding’s “Only One” Picked by Billboard’s Critics as One of The Best 40 Songs of 2021

Never one to delay his fans’ gratification, Canadian DJ/producer/songwriter Felix Cartal delivered most tracks from his fourth LP, Expensive Sounds For Nice People, in advance of the album’s June drop. Amid the bounty, Karen Harding’s well-heeled soprano makes “Only One” a standout. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: The Sun | Dec 17, 2021

Afrojack continues to push musical boundaries with new single “To The Floor” and his selection of dance floor favourites

GRAMMY award winning producer and DJ Afrojack continues to push music in bold new directions. His latest single To The Floor is a collaboration with Black V Neck and a remake of hip-hop classic No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame and Roscoe Dash. The new track is something of a departure from his usual sound leaning to a more underground tech house vibe. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: The National | Dec 15, 2021

Afrojack promises a ‘classic’ set at Riyadh’s dance music festival

That newfound reflection resulted in Afrojack taking a keener focus in his label, Wall Recordings, and forging stronger ties with MDLBeast, the Saudi music company behind Soundstorm and fledgling in-house dance music label MDLBeast Records. Both interests were combined on To the Floor, the lead single from MDLBeast Records’ first official release, the compilation album Soundstorm, Volume 1. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Mixmag Brazil | Dec 11, 2021

Futuristic Polar Bears Team Up with MasterCraft UK for “Witchcraft,” featuring Jaimes, on Purple Fly Along With NFT-Backed MasterCraft UK’s NXT 20 Motorboat Giveaway

Futuristic Polar Bears’ newest release “Witchcraft” with MasterCraft UK, featuring Jaimes, is a sultry, progressive house gem out on NFT-fueled label Purple Fly. In an exciting fusion of music, art, and sports, the release is paired with an NFT and giveaway of a custom boat from premium maker MasterCraft UK, which also actively participated in the track’s production process. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Dec 10, 2021

R3HAB and Lukas Graham fuse country folk with dance pop on ‘Most People’

R3HAB has been hard at work at an upcoming album, the follow-up to 2018’s ‘The Wave’ and we just got another tease of his next full length output. The pioneering producer teamed up with Grammy-nominated artist Lukas Graham on “Most People.” It’s a distinctly different affair than what fans may be used to but indicative of R3hab’s ever evolving sonic curiosities. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Mixmag Asia | Dec 10, 2021


No stranger to the industry, sister duo Krewella have unveiled their newest track called ‘Never Been Hurt’ with Asian-American brother duo BEAUZ for an altogether emotional deep house inspired release. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: E! Online | Dec 10, 2021

Let R3HAB, Mr Eazi and Wafia Transport You To Tropical Island With New Collaboration “I Wanna Run Away”

R3HAB joins forces with leading African artist Mr Eazi and Gold-certified alt-pop singer/songwriter Wafia for the newest single “I Wanna Run Away,” which exemplifies their diverse capabilities as artists who can cross genre boundaries with sophisticated ease. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: We Rave You | Dec 09, 2021

PINEO & LOEB team up with Sparkee & Viiq to bring ‘Attached 2 U’

PINEO & LOEB are back with their new release ‘Attached 2 U’, for which they teamed up with their fellow Canadian producer Sparkee and Top 20 Billboard Dance vocalist Viiq. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Dec 07, 2021

Nicky Romero returns to Virgin/Universal with dance-pop crossover, ‘Why Do I Call’

Nicky Romero returns to radio-friendly crossovers with the delivery of vocal-forward, “Why Do I Call.” The optimistic anthem pushes into dance pop territory with its energetic production and a pulsing drop. Following up last year’s “Nights with You,” the latest track falls in continuity with Romero’s partnership with Virgin/Universal while providing a balance to his darker and moodier side project Monocule. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Your EDM | Nov 27, 2021

Afrojack and Black V Neck Team Up for House Banger “To the Floor”

The one and only Afrojack is back with his latest club banger. This time, he teams up with Miami-based duo Black V Neck for “To The Floor,” a re-imagined tech house update of Waka Flocka Flame’s 2010 smash, “No Hands.” Outside of the vocal refrain “Drop it to the floor, I love the way your booty go…” there aren’t any similarities to the original track. This is a modern tech-house update that is sure to light up dance floors and festivals alike. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: MusicTech | Nov 25, 2021

Twitch, Tekken and finding Hope In Chaos: how JVNA built an online empire one livestream at a time

JVNA is taking back control. The Los Angeles-based DJ, singer and EDM producer already knows how to create high-energy madness at huge festivals, but now she’s getting on top of another crucial element of her artistry: independence. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS



Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Nov 24, 2021

Skytech and Bassjackers Join Forces On ‘All My Love’

When two of the biggest names in big room get together you listen. And you turn it up to 11. Polish veteran Skytech and Dutch duo Bassjackers have teamed up “All My Love” a bombastic new single that fuses both outfits distinct sounds for an all-star style. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Flaunt Magazine | Nov 22, 2021

JVNA’s Debut Album “Hope In Chaos”

If you have yet to hear of JVNA, prepare to fall in love. Based in Los Angeles, the singer, songwriter, producer, and recording artist is best known for her honest and vulnerable lyrics, creating her own version of feel-good pop and electronic music to touch the masses all over the world. Raised in California by Taiwanese parents, JVNA studied classical piano at the young age of 6, going on to write her own songs 5 years later. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS



Coverage: | Nov 20, 2021

JVNA Finds “Hope In Chaos” In Stunning Debut Album

While you might think you know JVNA, one of the most promising young producers in the electronic music space, you’ve never heard her like on Hope In Chaos, her bombshell debut album. Fittingly, the record was self-sung, written and produced. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Wonderland Magazine | Nov 19, 2021

Sophie Simmons has just dropped her new emotive single “Love Turns Lonely”

Relationships are never easy, and opening up on her own experiences is Sophie Simmons with “Love Turns Lonely”. Gently ushering us with slow cinematic melodies and emotive instrumentals, the artist croons over the lush production, putting her honeyed vocals on full display. Detailing the end of a relationship, the artist pulls back the curtains on love and how it can gradually turn into loneliness. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS



Coverage: Billboard | Nov 19, 2021

Krewella Return with Pop/Deep House Crossover New Single “Never Been Hurt” with Brother Duo BEAUZ

It’s better to love and lose than to never love at all, and the uncomfortable truth is that any love can end up hurting in the end. That pain shouldn’t stop you from letting your walls down, though, or you might miss out on the best next thing. Easier said than done though, right? CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: | Nov 17, 2021

Purple Fly, Project X, and Who Knocks have teamed up to launch the music-meets-high fashion NFT collection.

You’re going to need some designer clothing for your metaverse avatar. Purple Fly, Project X, and Who Knocks have joined forces for a unique partnership to blend the world of NFTs, high fashion, and art. On November 22nd, they will launch an exclusive NFT collection prepared by designers who work for a number of the world’s leading clothing brands, such as Prada, Burberry, Moschino, and Etro. Each expert designer will work closely with Purple Fly to curate a unique look relative to the digital collectible. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS



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Coverage: Barstool Sports | Nov 17, 2021

Barstool Backstage Episode 6 Featuring R3HAB

A couple weeks ago on Halloween, world-famous Dutch/Moroccan DJ/producer R3HAB was performing at TAO in Chicago. We got the chance to sit down with him before his show and discuss everything Backstage. We talked about entrepreneurship, fitness and his obsession with the Whoop band, food, travel, K-Pop, coming up with Afrojack, and everything music. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Earmilk | Nov 11, 2021

Henry Fong teams up with Psycho Boys Club on electric single “Lights Out”

Electronic dance musician Henry Fong joins forces with Psycho Boys Club on heavy-hitting track “Lights Out,” fusing their individual sonic styles for a powerful techno offering. Uniting on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label, the the track layers swirling synths over relentless basslines, moving seamlessly from Fong’s sleek electro-influence to Psycho Boys Club’s gritty underground style. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: Music Radar | Nov 09, 2021

Music Radar Caught Up with Nicky Romero to Hear About His Approach to Music Production and Advice for Music Makers

Nicky Romero is a veritable EDM superstar, making annual appearances in DJ Mag’s poll of the world’s top 100 DJs and continuing to record and release neon-bright big-room house and EDM. Following the release of his latest single, Acid Is My DNA, we caught up with Romero to hear about his approach to music production and advice for music makers, while taking a look around his impressive Dutch studio space. Aspiring EDM producers, take note. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: | Nov 04, 2021

Nicky Romero on Historic Protocol Recordings ADE Party, Monocule Alias and More

Label parties are an integral part of the Amsterdam Dance Event, offering imprints a coveted chance to showcase their artists. But despite its huge significance in the local Dutch music community, Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings had yet to host their own label party at ADE. sat down with Romero and Protocol’s A&R Director, Jorik Van de Pol, to chat about the milestone for the record label and learn more about the DJ’s various other ventures. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS



Coverage: Your EDM | Oct 11, 2021

Jeffrey Sutorius and Timmo Hendriks Team Up for Progressive Banger “The Afterlife”

Festivals are making their return, but, perhaps it’s been a while since you last danced at the mainstage. If you’re missing those melodic, progressive festival vibes, I’ve got the song for you. “The Afterlife” by Jeffrey Sutorius (FKA Dash Berlin) & Timmo Hendriks ft. LUX will scratch that main stage itch for you with its emotional vocals, bright melodies and epic synths. Play this track out at the highest possible volume. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Oct 08, 2021

PINEO & LOEB’s New House Single “Good Vibe Feeling” Pairs Rap with Sax

Sometimes the name of the song perfectly represents the feeling you get when you hear it. This is one of those times. PINEO & LOEB team up with NY-based hip-hop artist FUEG and UK saxophonist Ellie Sax for their latest release, “Good Vibe Feeling,” a genre-bending effort that blends these three unique elements with surgical precision. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: DJ Mag | Oct 07, 2021

Steve Aoki Launches Tech-House Alias, Ninja Attack

Steve Aoki has launched a tech-house alias, Ninja Attack, with a chugging debut, ‘Aurora’. Short and dark, running at just 2minutes and 38-seconds long, it follows on from his far-reaching album, ‘Neon Future IV’, and lands via MDLBEAST Records. The track will also feature on a forthcoming imprint compilation, ‘SOUNDSTORM VOL.1’. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: MusicTech | Sep 29, 2021

Show Off Your Studio: Nicky Romero on his Monocule alias, Instigate Studios, and lessons from Avicii

The prolific producer reveals his darker side in his new music and explains how his homely studio cultivates inspirational ideas. Ever since his 2011 track Toulouse skyrocketed to the top of dance charts and became the stuff of EDM legend, the Dutch producer has been in high demand as one of the biggest DJs and producers on the scene. From his chart-topping collabs with Avicii, Krewella and Nervo to launching his Protocol label and appearing in Zac Efron’s We Are Your Friends, the Rhianna and Britney Spears producer is ceaselessly prolific. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: We Rave You | Sep 26, 2021

Protocol Recordings announces annual ADE show ‘Nicky Romero & Friends’

With the official announcement that preparations for this year’s ADE have begun, fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to return to some sort of normality when taking into account the impact of the global pandemic. Among the shows that will go ahead during the week of ADE, is the ever-so popular ‘Nicky Romero & Friends’. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Run The Trap | Sep 22, 2021

Riot Ten Talks Inspiration Behind Buzzing New Melodic Side Project, Pushing Daizies

Over the past year, anonymous duo Pushing Daizies took the dance music scene completely by storm thanks to their captivating branding, unique production, and prolific output. Little did we know, however, that dubstep pioneer Riot Ten (alongside fellow producer Stoutty) was behind the rising project. Seeing a bass producer known for his dubstep bangers venture to melodic EDM immediately piqued our interest, and we knew we had to interview him. Check out our exclusive interview with Riot Ten. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: The Nocturnal Times | Sep 18, 2021

DØBER Follows ‘About You’ EP with Heavy-Hitting House Track “Cream”

Protocol Recordings’ veteran and bass house maestro DØBER recently released his 3-track About You EP. Now, the virtuoso is back with a very special addition to the project. His new release “Cream” out on Protocol Recordings. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Sep 16, 2021

Afrojack infuses big-room flair into Nicky Romero, MARF, and Wulf’s ‘Okay’

In late July, Nicky Romero, MARF, and Wulf rallied behind “Okay,” a summer-suited single that channeled optimism in its euphoric production and uplifting message. Now, just a handful of months later, the producers have tapped Afrojack to put a dance floor-friendly spin on the single, and as to be expected, the Dutchman adeptly transforms the catchy commercial crossover into a pulsing big room cut. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: Earmilk | Sep 13, 2021

DJ SODA, Lost Chameleon and MOMOLAND’s Ahin deliver “Okay!”

South Korean talent DJ SODA has teamed up with Lost Chameleon, and MOMOLAND’s Ahin for audiovisual treat “Okay!” a genre-bending offering that brings the vibrance of K-pop together with the punchy sensibilities of EDM. With sharp yet hazy vocals, the anthemic mood of the track which boasts a smooth blend of synths and bouncy basslines Is given an extra burst of life with a wild music video, making it fit for any party. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: DJ Mag Latinoamerica | Aug 28, 2021

Monocule Brings Back Underground Club Vibes With New Release “Awakening,” Featuring Sarah De Warren

Nicky Romero returns in the disguise of his alter-ego Monocule with the eighth release “Awakening,” an underground gem featuring vocals by British singer/songwriter Sarah De Warren. “Awakening” follows Monocule’s recent release “Ways To Heaven” with Jamis featuring composer/pianist Michael G. Moore. Earlier this year, Monocule also dropped his “Monocule Volume 2” EP. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: | Aug 28, 2021


Korean artists DJ Soda, Ahin of supergroup MOMOLAND, and Lost Chameleon have teamed up on “Okay!” an uplifting, party-starting anthem that combines energizing dance grooves with catchy K-pop influences. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Flaunt Magazine | Aug 23, 2021


It’s R3hab’s world, we’re just living in it. A staple in the dance music scene in the States, it’s only right for the acclaimed DJ and producer to team up with the pioneers of the dance-pop scene overseas in the UK. With his newest single “Runaway,” R3hab taps Sigala and JP Cooper as features, holding fans over until the release of his forthcoming album slated to be released this year. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Aug 21, 2021

Saturday Night Session 051: Sam Blacky

Sam Blacky can’t seem to sit still, and her fans have been reaping the benefits of this tendency for years. This year, though, may be the biggest one of them all when it comes to the model, DJ, and now music producer’s output. Sam Blacky, whose real name is Samantha Black, began modeling at a young age and has been featured in campaigns ranging from Nike and Guess all of the way to Super Dry and Playboy. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Ministry Of Sound | Aug 19, 2021

Catching Up with Nicky Romero

No stranger to the Ministry of Sound main room, Nicky is bringing his label, Protocol to London for a full club takeover on Friday 20th August. Nicky has enlisted Stadiumx, Marc Benjamin, DØBER, Timmo Hendriks and Tim Van Werd to bring the noise to SE1! Ahead of his label takeover, we phoned up Nicky to talk music, production and Protocol! CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Charly Jordan, Las vegas Weekly, News

Coverage: Las Vegas Weekly | Aug 19, 2021

Las Vegas Weekly Catches Up with Charly Jordan

Twenty-two-year-old model, DJ and entrepreneur Charly Jordan parlayed an early foothold as a travel influencer into a massive social media audience, with more than 12 million followers across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube right now. One of her biggest accomplishments thus far: snagging a DJ residency with the Zouk Group at the newly opened Resorts World Las Vegas. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Wonderland Magazine | Aug 13, 2021


The house artist is reminding his listeners of the importance of the hustle with his new dance track. Black Caviar just dropped the ultimate hustle anthem in a bid to school his listeners on the importance of securing the bag. Featuring the commanding vocals of EMIDA, “Collect Check” is a glimmering club-ready track that is jam-packed with electronic house sensibilities and dance-inducing beat drops. Sure to inspire and excite, the song’s masterful lyrics tell a tale of determination and grinding all the while meeting party production in an explosive manner. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: We Rave You | Aug 07, 2021

Salvatore Ganacci unveils anime-inspired house single ‘Fight Dirty’

It is always a good day when Salvatore Ganacci drops new music, with it becoming even better as this time round it is accompanied alongside a music video like no other. Following with his last single, ‘Step-Grandma,’ the eccentric Swede has now released yet another addictive production titled ‘Fight Dirty.’ CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Aug 05, 2021

Sevenn releases genre-warping ‘Hybrid Techno’ EP

Ibiza may still be closed, but the techno vibes are alive and well at the hands of California’s own Sevenn and his genre-warping ‘Hybrid Techno EP.’ The appropriately titled pressing features four brand new tracks that cross the spectrum of house and techno, transporting the listener to the infamous White Isle and then straight on to the astral plane. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: MusicTech | Aug 04, 2021

Plug-ins I Actually Use: Felix Cartal

Considering Felix Cartal’s fourth album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People, has only been available for less than 50 days, it’s doing extremely well. Released on 25 June 2021, it has already amassed more than 60 million streams on Spotify alone, indicating that the Canadian producer’s work is clearly in demand. He’s been working tirelessly to make it so, though; he’s officially remixed tracks by Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Dillon Francis, Doja Cat, ZEDD and plenty more, and was included in Billboard’s list of 13 Dance Artists Who Dominated 2017. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Mixmag Brazil | Jul 30, 2021

Purple Fly Welcomes Laidback Luke to the Label’s Roster with “Cielo,” BLVD. & Laidback Luke’s First Collaboration

Dance Music veteran Laidback Luke joins NFT-fueled label Purple Fly with his new single “Cielo,” for which he joined forces with Miami-based BLVD.. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Jul 15, 2021

Din & Vic Brandish No-Nonsense Tech House Weapon, “Slumped”

Nicky Romero’s label, Protocol, has been finding some heat during their live demo:drop episodes live on Twitch. The veteran EDM act, alongside his label partner, go through demo submissions that they’re sent, and give feedback for tracks live, on the spot. Some of these tracks end up getting signed to Protocol, and we are pumped to premiere one of those for you today. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: DJ Times | Jul 12, 2021

Life in Lockdown: Felix Cartal

When the Coronavirus shut us down, clubs and festivals ceased, and everyone was essentially forced inside with no definitive end in sight, DJ Times wondered: How is our tribe coping? How are DJs getting by? So, we sent out our “Coronavirus Questionnaire” to DJ/producers from all musical genres to find out. During this period, DJ Times will continue presenting the questionnaire responses from talented music-makers from all over the world. Here’s our latest entry, this time from Western Canada, the Vancouver-based electronic talent Felix Cartal. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Coverage: Bassrush | Jul 09, 2021


Having surged his way to center stage with his unmistakeable output on the trap tip, the New Zealander known as QUIX flexes in an entirely new way on his latest outing on Dim Mak. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Hollywood Life | Jul 02, 2021

Charly Jordan Transforms An Iconic Lady Gaga Moment To Celebrate Clubs Reopening In ‘No Sleep’

As live music returns and fans can safely party again, DJ/producer Charly Jordan delivers the anthem that’ll help you go all night as you go from ‘club’ to ‘nother club.’ 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of a special moment in Lady Gaga history when, during an interview, Mother Monster delivered a viral line: “Bus. Club. Another club. Another club. Plane. Next Place. No sleep.” That has now been immortalized by DJ extraordinaire Charly Jordan. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Felix cartal, SPIN, News

Coverage: SPIN | Jun 29, 2021

SPIN Sets Presents: Felix Cartal

Felix Cartal is no novice to the industry. He’s currently just released his fourth album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People and like much of his musical peers, psyched for the touring days to resume after a dreaded pause. Cartal’s journey has become centered on a more uplifting phase of his life, finding the optimism in every moment and silver lining to every circumstance. This sweetly toned perspective coupled with Cartal’s signature emotive electro-pop sound, makes for a complete and thoroughly explored collection of rose-colored, upbeat tracks. At this point in his life, Felix Cartal is clear on the trajectory of his career and understands the power in letting himself play and setting himself free. SPIN caught up with the Canadian producer as he dives into his the making of Expensive Sounds For Nice People, creative transformation, upcoming live shows and more. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: DJ Mag Italy | Jun 26, 2021

BLVD. Joins Forces with Shaquille O’Neal for Hard-Hitting Track “Posterize” 

After launching the label last month with “Miami” with Fatman Scoop, BLVD. returns to Purple Fly with another all-star collaboration. This time the US-based producer teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal, aka DJ Diesel, for the new single “Posterize.” Listeners, be warned – with its heavy-hitting synths, distorted vocals, and bone-shaking basslines, this track is hardly for the faint of heart. It’s the ultimate hype song for the gym or your next headbanging session, combining BLVD.’s raw trap/dubstep style with Shaq’s penchant for hard, bass-driven beats. The single marks O’Neal’s debut on Purple Fly, the label that supports collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Cosmicat, Arab News, News

Coverage: Arab News | Jun 20, 2021

Cosmicat as One of the Leading Saudi Women Blazing a Musical Trail

Jazz and blues, rock, rap and many other genres have been explored by Saudis, but now more Saudi women are making their way to the performance stage, thanks to social reforms that mean career choices that once were taboo are now supported by many. Saudi electronic music producer and DJ Nouf Sufyani, known as Cosmicat, told Arab News that has been obsessed with music since childhood. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Papermag | Jun 15, 2021

Pros of Sound: Krewella

Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf laugh about this now, but back when the sisters were teens — long before they became the electronic act Krewella — they’d argue over music. Jahan would purposely clear out her download history so her younger sister couldn’t follow her trail. But Yasmine would find the trashed cache of songs anyway, then secretly re-download all the music she could. “Now, as we’re older, it’s really funny,” she says. “I know all the same songs that Yasmine knew back in the day because I was just stealing [her] style.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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GG Magree, Flaunt, News

Coverage: Flaunt Magazine | Jun 11, 2021

GG Magree Unveils New Single “Loving You Kills Me”

GG Magree is a lover in all ways, shapes, and forms, and now she’s releasing her romance-filled “Loving You Kills Me.” The Australian DJ, producer, singer, songwriter has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the dance music scene, exploding onto the scene with her debut single “Frontlines” alongside NGHTMRE and Zeds Dead in 2016. In 2019, she released her remix of Billie Eilish’s “Wish You Were Gay,” displaying her vocal talents to the world. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Jun 09, 2021

Nicky Romero’s Monocule streak remains red-hot with ‘Ways To Heaven’ alongside Jamis, Michael G. Moore

Nicky Romero‘s Monocule alias maintains its comparatively darker, moodier style on “Ways to Heaven,” the latest Monocule output and one notably made in tandem with Jamis and British singer-songwriter Michael G. Moore. Dark progressive house notes cross with Moore’s haunting topline; an ebbing and flowing build keeps the listener on edge amid all the song’s sultriness. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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BLVD., Fatman Scoop, Miami, youredm, News

Coverage: Your EDM | May 28, 2021

BLVD. & Fatman Scoop Team Up For Multigenre Collab, “Miami”

Miami as a city for dance music is home to so many different genres, cultures, and influences. So that had to be what BLVD. and Fatman Scoop were thinking when they made the multigenre “Miami,” which spans dubstep, moombah, psytrance, and trap in just 3 minutes. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: DJ Mag Spain | May 28, 2021

Saudi’s Top Female DJ Cosmicat Releases Debut Vocal Underground Single “Toxic Romance.”

Saudi Arabia’s first and leading female DJ and producer Cosmicat makes her stunning debut with the first-ever single “Toxic Romance,” introducing herself to the global market as a sultry underground queen with both dancefloor and emotive potential. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Sam Blacky, Stabby Records, Your Edm, News

Coverage: Your EDM | May 22, 2021

Sam Blacky Invites Listeners to a Deep, Tropical “Paradise” With Latest Single on Stabby Records

Inspired by her travels to the Mediterranean, the single is driven by a deep house beat and rolling melodies. Singer and songwriter Madeline Austin lends her ethereal vocals, drawing listeners in to the paradise that is the song’s chorus. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Billboard | May 21, 2021

Felix Cartal Shares “My Last Song,” Featuring Norwegian Songstress Hanne Mjøen, From Forthcoming Album “Expensive Sounds For Nice People”

Everyone wants a song written about them — but then they date a real musician and they’re like, “I don’t need another song, I need you to tell me you love me.” At least, that’s the picture we gather from Felix Cartal’s latest single, “My Last Song.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Butch, Ministry of sound, News

Coverage: Ministry Of Sound | May 13, 2021

Butch Takes On Ministry Of Sound’s Tuff Questions

How will the psychedelic producer fare in the toughest interview in dance music? The Germany-based, Turkish producer has just released his first track of 2021, “Testarossa” on MDLBEAST Records. The tech-house-inspired release sees Butch weave moody synths with progressive basslines for a dark, but euphoric dancefloor heater. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Flaunt Magazine | May 10, 2021

Felix Cartal Taps Karen Harding For “Only One” From Forthcoming Album

Felix Cartal creates nothing short of vibes, exactly why he’s on his way to becoming a household name in the dance music realm. Now, the Canadian DJ and producer returns with his newest single titled “Only One,” tapping UK vocalist Karen Harding. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Freqish, Run The Trap, News

Coverage: Run The Trap | May 07, 2021

Freqish Delivers Groovy New House Cut, ‘Falling For You’ via Nervous Records

With the house music scene being as oversaturated as ever, finding music that’s unique and captivating can truly feel like a breath of fresh air. Today we’re given just that, courtesy of Denver-based producer/studio engineer Brandon Lee aka Freqish. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Apr 27, 2021

DVBBS debut first single from upcoming album “Fool For Ya”

The Canadian brothers are back to make an electrifying statement with the debut single from their upcoming album “SLEEP.” Not the type of track to put you to sleep, “Fool For Ya” is designed to help you shake off the cobwebs. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Nicky Romero,, Faderpro, News

Coverage: | Apr 21, 2021

Nicky Romero And FaderPro Join Forces On “Finish My Record” Contest And Masterclass

Often times the easiest way to learn is to do. Nicky Romero and FaderPro understand this and are incorporating the concept into their upcoming collaboration. FaderPro, the premier destination for EDM music production tutorials, will supply Romero with the platform to host his first full-length masterclass, a three-part series. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Apr 18, 2021

Nigerian Rapper Acebergtm Demonstrates His Versatility on ‘Far From Home’ EP

It’s not everyday we get to hear something great out of Nigeria but today just happens to be that day. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Ikechukwu Okoronkwo, aka Acebergtm, grew up listening to different music genres but was mainly focused on hip-hop, citing Wyclef Jean as his main source of inspiration. In tandem with music was his passion for writing and poetry, which led him to begin writing his own songs at age 15. Now ready to take on a global circuit, Acebergtm makes a strong debut with his Far From Home EP which comes out via one of Africa’s fastest-growing labels, SJW Entertainment. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Jan Blomqvist, Carnage, Martinez Brothers, Mivmag Brasil, News

Coverage: Mixmag Brazil | Apr 05, 2021

Jan Blomqvist Puts a Dreamy House Take on Carnage & The Martinez Brothers’ “Together”

In the ultimate genre-bending collaboration, the multitalented Jan Blomqvist remixes Carnage and The Martinez Brothers’ 2020 hit “Together.” While the original saw Carnage exploring a softer side of his sound fused with The Martinez Brothers’ driving techno, Blomqvist showcases his signature house style with groove-driven beats. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Vicious Magazine | Apr 04, 2021

Butch Joins Forces With MDLBEAST Records to Deliver Underground Vibes with New Track “Testarossa”

Germany-based Turkish producer Butch becomes the next artist to join the fledgling MDLBEAST Records with his new track “Testarossa,” bringing underground vibes to the Saudi label. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Nicky Romero, Monocule, YourEDM, News

Coverage: Your EDM | Apr 03, 2021

Nicky Romero Returns With Latest Single from His Monocule Side Project “You Don’t Know”

Nicky Romero is back with the latest from his darker alter-ego Monocule, “You Don’t Know.” This latest track is the Monocule project distilled to its best parts. Dark, progressive synths, a rumbling bassline, and the perfect groove that finds the sweet spot between the dancefloor and the underground. Unleashed last year, to much fanfare, Nick’s fans will be happy to know that there’s plenty of more Monocule releases slated to come. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: We Rave You | Apr 01, 2021

Mysterious duo Pushing Daizies release new track ‘Our Love’

The American duo Pushing Daizies releases new track titled ‘Our Love’. The new single from the mysterious, US-based duo, who were not sitting around for too long after releasing their remix of Bear Grillz, Adventure Club & JT Roach‘s ‘Where We Are’ which was released on March 12, return to Steve Aoki‘s label Dim Mak with a new original song titled ‘Our Love’. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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Nicky Romero, Monocule, Dh Max latinoamerica, News

Coverage: DJ Mag Latinoamerica | Mar 30, 2021

Nicky Romero Unveils New Release from His Dark Alter Ego Monocule – “You Don’t Know”

Nicky Romero returns as Monocule with his newest dark progressive gem “You Don’t Know,” the leading single from his forthcoming “Monocule Volume 2” EP. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Mixmag Asia | Mar 25, 2021

R3HAB Teams Up With Taiwanese Pop Star Jolin Tsai

Morocco-born and globe-trotting artist R3HAB has been grinding hard since signing with Asia-based mainstream dance label Liquid State. The label was founded as a joint venture between Sony Music and China’s Tencent Group to release songs focused on the Asia market. An ambassador for the label since its conception, R3HAB’s latest project comes as a surprise to fans, as he teamed up with Taiwanese diva and LGBTQ icon Jolin Tsai for a new track namely ‘Stars Align’. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


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R3HAB, Timmy TRumpet, W&W, Dancing Astronaut, News

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Mar 19, 2021

R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, and W&W release future festival anthem ‘Distant Memory’

Festival stages might seem like a distant memory for most of us. But not for long. Especially if R3hab, Timmy Trumpet and W&W have anything to say about it. In an absolutely epic collision of big room progressive house, these three main stage icons have crafted the certifiable festival anthem — as soon as they start happening again. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Flaunt Magazine | Mar 12, 2021

Sam Blacky Turns Up The Heat With Travel-Inspired House Single “Body”

As we all continue to pray live concerts will soon return, music-lovers around the world more than ever are appreciating music that makes them feel good and dance. Insert Sam Blacky, who’s here to bless fans with her newest banger titled “Body.” Following last month’s critically-acclaimed single “Too Late,” the Los Angeles DJ and producer stays in her tech-house lane creating uptempo anthems that will immediately transport you to the dance floor. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Nicky Romero, DJ Max Mexico, News

Coverage: DJ Mag Mexico | Mar 05, 2021

Nicky Romero Brings Back Festival Memories and Positive Vibes With New Single “Back To You”

As most of the world enters a full year of pandemic lockdown, Nicky Romero delivers a gift to fans to keep spirits high in the form of his new single “Back To You.” The new release sees Nicky exploring his radio-friendly side with uplifting piano melodies and soulful vocals, all culminating in a drop that will remind listeners at home of being back at their favorite festival’s mainstage. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: DJ Mag France | Feb 26, 2021

Showtek Return To Their Signature Sound with Hard-Hitting “Pum Pum” in Collaboration with Sevenn

Dutch duo Showtek returns to their signature sound and teams up with American producer Sevenn for their new single “Pum Pum,” a party-ready house bomb that fuses both artists’ unique musical styles. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Carnage, Gordo, Billboard, News

Coverage: Billboard | Feb 26, 2021

Carnage Releases “KTM” – Debut of New House Alias GORDO

After sharing a mellower side to his music with the Martinez Brothers collaboration “Together” last August, Carnage (alongside his Gordo alias) is ready to rage once more with new single “KTM.” Shifting gears to party-hard tech house, the Guatemalan producer jumps on the mic to name-drop a cocktail of party drugs over a grinding bass line, scuffling metallic synths and a build/release sequence that evokes images of CO2 cannon blasts and liquor hurled across the dance floor through sheer force of ecstasy. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Coverage: Earmilk | FEB 17, 2021

Sam Blacky makes an explosive debut with her dance single “Too Late”

LA-based DJ and producer Sam Blacky has made an explosive debut single “Too Late,” which serves as the introduction to Sam’s underground-influenced house and techno sound. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Felix Cartal, Kiiara, Flaunt, News

Coverage: Flaunt Magazine |FEB 08, 2021


Felix Cartal returns with yet another standout collaboration: “Happy Hour” featuring pop songstress Kiiara. The single itself serves as an uplifting record with honest, personal lyrics, setting the tone for the year of 2021. Inspired by lyrical concepts that began as a phrase or note in his phone, Felix sees “Happy Hour” as a universal concept – something we all can take away and benefit from. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Run The Trap | FEB 05, 2021

DØBER & RayRay Unleash Energetic Bass House Single, ‘Bounce’ via Protocol

It’s always a bittersweet feeling when new music comes out that has us wishing concerts were back in full force. Today, DØBER and RayRay have come together yet again for an absolutely wild bass house collaboration in ‘Bounce.’ CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Thomas Gold, R3SPAWN, Protocol Recordings, News

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Jan 26, 2021

Thomas Gold, R3SPAWN, and David Shane start 2021 on a high note with the euphoric ‘Letting Go’

Thomas Gold made his debut on Protocol Recordings in 2020 and is already back with a new single on the label, “Letting Go” alongside R3SPAWN, featuring David Shane. “Letting Go” is a feel good anthem that aims to start 2021 on a high note. The breaks are nothing short of euphoric, which is characteristic of the producer’s output as of late. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: | JAN 15, 2021


Since the inception of Dutch DJ Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings in 2012, the imprint has blossomed into a multi-faceted brand with its radio show receiving over 40 million listeners every week. For his newest track “Into The Light,” Romero collaborated with Protocol’s very own Timmo Hendriks. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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R3HAB, Los40, News

Coverage: LOS 40 | DEC 18, 2020

R3HAB Sends a Positive Message with “Ones You Miss”

The 2020 year has been both unprecedented and challenging in many ways, with artists and music fans feeling the absence of making memories in-person most of all. R3HAB decided to close out the year with his new single “Ones You Miss” to commemorate the strangest year most of us can remember, sending a positive message as we experience the holiday season in uncertain times. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Your EDM | Dec 05, 2020

Showtek Drop Uplifting New Single “Show Some Love”

Dutch duo Showtek are back with their most impactful single of the year, “Show Some Love.” Over the past few years, the Janssen brothers have become far more vocal in using their platform to support social causes. With “Show Some Love” they instead focus on positivity and inclusivity. Teaming up with sonofsteve on vocals, “Show Some Love” showcases Showtek’s more thoughtful and melodic side. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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FIIN, Nocturnaltimes, News

Coverage: The Nocturnal Times | Nov 30, 2020

FIIN Reveals Hypnotizing Single “Days Like This”

Miami-based DJ/producer FIIN has been on top of the game all year long, releasing back to back anthems like “Wild Trees,” “Still In The Storm,” “Le Crocodile,” and “Everything” over the past couple of months. With 2020 shortly coming to a close, FIIN is back to close out the year with a bang as he unveils his latest captivating single, “Days Like This.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Nov 30, 2020

Celebrate the holidays with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s festive collaboration with R3HAB, ‘Santa Claus is Coming To Town’

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have teamed up with R3HAB for a cinematic rework of the holiday original, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” Bumping house beats and synthesized vocal layers add a new dynamic to the festive holiday classic, which continues to shine through among the dance stylings. In the re-crafted edition of the track, the best elements of the original are maintained while simultaneously spicing the release up with energetic electronic production layers. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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401 WST, Run The Trap, News

Coverage: Run The Trap | Nov 26, 2020

401 WST Blend Hip-Hop & House in Impressive Debut EP, “Our House”

Most of time when artists try to merge different genres together, the results end up being too contrived or even straight up cringe. With that being said, it makes it that much more impressive that 401 WST executed their genre-bending ideas seamlessly on their debut EP, Our House. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag France | Nov 16, 2020

Maximals Release Three Track “Reset” EP Full of Funky House Grooves

If you’re beginning to feel the winter blues, Maximals have your antidote with their new “Reset” EP. Featuring three brand new tracks, the veteran Italian duo brings a spectrum of funky house vibes to the table that definitely don’t disappoint. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Yaro, Trilane, News

Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Nov 07, 2020

Swedish Artists Yaro & Trilane Collaborate On Bouncy New House Tune “Unlove You”

We’ve got a Scandinavian special for our listeners today, courtesy of a foursome of Swedish artists: duo Trilane, young artist Yaro, and singer EEVA. The track “Unlove You” marks Yaro & Trilane’s third collaboration and it seems like this team has found their groove, and they’re bringing it right to your speakers. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: We Rave You | Oct 25, 2020

DVBBS return to the charts with ‘West Coast’ featuring Quinn XCII

DVBBS has just released their newest single ‘West Coast’ featuring Quinn XCII. (…) They’ve enlisted the help of Quinn XCII (real name Mikael Temrowski), an American singer/songwriter who released his debut album ‘The Story of Us’ via Columbia Records that includes the chart-topping single ‘Straightjacket’. He has since released another two albums including ‘To Michigan With Love’ and ‘A Letter To My Younger Self’, as well as his collaboration with MAX on ‘Love Me Less’, in which he performed live on Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show, and others. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Kaskade, bandsintown, News

Coverage: Bandsintown | Oct 12, 2020

Kaskade Announces Drive-in ‘Road Trip’ Tour Across California

Kaskade is bringing electronic music back to the masses for his drive-in style “Road Trip” tour. Spanning across four different cities in California, the seven-date run will be his second installment of quarantine-themed concepts. Earlier this year, he released the album Arkade Destinations: Living Room and was the first-ever DJ to perform at the Grand Canyon. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: | Oct 09, 2020


Nicky Romero has made the most out of his increased time in the studio this year. The Dutch DJ and producer has released a total of eight original tracks, six remixes, and two EPs (one under another alias) since January 2020. Today, he has returned with his latest single, “Nights With You,” out via Universal Music. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Dash Berlin, Timmo Hendriks, protocol, Dj Times, News

Coverage: DJ Times | Sep 28, 2020

Dash Berlin & Timmo Hendriks Connect For “Keep Me Close”

Already making a lasting impression after remixing Nicky Romero‘s “Stay,” Dash Berlin has returned to Protocol Recordings with his very first single on the label “Keep Me Close.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Flaunt Magazine | Sep 21, 2020

DVBBS Spoke to Flaunt Magazine about “Nothing To See Here”

If you’re a fan of electronic music, you’re a fan of Dvbbs. Composed of Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre, the DJ/producer duo came together in 2012 in Toronto, Canada, and has since exploded into the mainstream light. Best known for their standout remixes, the two brothers have collectively garnered billions of streams and achieved numerous plaques to date. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
DVBBS, Flaunt, News
Nicky Romero, protocol recordings, Monocule, News

Coverage: Your EDM | Sep 05, 2020

Nicky Romero Debuts Monocule Side Project

Nicky Romero is tearing up the dance floor with his newly announced alias. Monocule has arrived on the scene as a side project that shift gears into a deeper, darker tinged soundscape from the masterful producer. Thus, the Monocule Volume 1 has come in a flash, with three consecutive singles — “Time To Save” with Tim van Werd featuring Mosimann, followed by solo originals “Waiting For Me” and “Close To You.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag France | Sep 04, 2020

Yellow Claw Present Barong Family’s 200th Release

Launched in 2014 with Yellow Claw’s single ‘Lick Dat,’ over the years the label has welcomed artists such as Coone, Moksi, Mightyfools, Lil Texas, RayRay, to name a few. Barong Family has established itself not only as a record label but also as one of the most prominent brands in the dance/electronic sphere. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Yellow Claw, Barong Family, Dj Mag, news
PLS&TY,, News

Coverage: | Aug 27, 2020


PLS&TY is on a mission to connect music and technology by joining forces with the Ethereum blockchain platform Foundation to sell limited editions of his Very Special EP on vinyl. The EP made waves when it was released back in April, featuring tracks with Sean Kingston, Alex Aiono, and Wifisfuneral, among others. He’s now using this momentum to shine a light on Foundation’s mission to serve as a stock exchange for art and culture, with hopes of inspiring other artists to do the same. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard China | Aug 18, 2020


R3HAB has teamed up with one of the leading dance music singers/songwriters – Aussie Amba Shepherd (multiple collaborations with the likes of Tiësto, Porter Robinson, Hardwell, Afrojack, to name a few). “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a dance cover of Nirvana’s most famous song, and a very special one from R3HAB’s youth. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
R3HAB, Amba Shepherd, Billboard China, News
Psycho Boys Club, barong Family, News

Coverage: Mixmag Brazil | Aug 11, 2020

Psycho Boys Club Team Up with Hardcore Legend Paul Elstak for Appropriately Titled Single “Bull Kick”

Dutch hardcore legend Paul Elstak and Psycho Boys Club teamed up for their single “Bull Kick,” the newest release from Yellow Claw’s Barong Family imprint. “Bull Kick” should come with a warning label: not for the faint of heart. The track is a unique fusion of hardcore, bass, psytrance, and ravey techno, evoking memories of early rave days in clandestine underground warehouses. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Jul 30, 2020

GG Magree Serves Up New Bass-Fueled Single “Nervous Habits”

Since her 2016 debut, Australian producer GG Magree has been concocting bombastic bass/trap anthems that will rattle even the heaviest of headbangers. Proof of that is her 2016 collab with NGHTMRE and Zed’s Dead, which is sitting comfortably at 28 million streams on Spotify alone. Accolades aside she’s been busy honing her craft and expanding her sound since then, with her new single “Nervous Habits” being a prime example of that. Representing her first release on Dim Mak, the track is a collaboration with Joey Fleming, the lead singer of LA-based alt-punk band In Her Own Words. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
GG Magree, this song is sick, News
R3HAB, Dj Mag Asia, News

Coverage: DJ Mag Asia | Jul 21, 2020

R3HAB and Winona Oak Release Dance-Pop Gem “Thinking About You”

R3HAB teamed up with rising songstress Winona Oak for his new single “Thinking About You,” which follows in the sonic footsteps of his recent releases with a more melodic and groovy style. Winona Oak’s soulful vocals open the track with minimal background production, setting a sultry stage for the rest of the journey. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard | Jul 15, 2020

20 Questions With Nicky Romero: How the Dutch Producer Has Stayed Busy During Quarantine

While Nicky Romero is currently hanging out in Ibiza, the only shows he’s playing this summer are happening on the internet. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Nicky Romero, Billboard, News
Nicky Romero, Armin Van Buuren. Dj Mag Mexico, News

Coverage: DJ Mag Mexico | Jul 15, 2020

Nicky Romero teams up with Armin van Buuren for “I Need You To Know” Single

Now that clubs are closed, and parties can’t be held, how do you premiere mainstage-tailored records you make? That question has been keeping lots of artists up at night, but Armin van Buuren and Nicky Romero already managed to find a solution. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Hollywood Life | Jul 10, 2020

Krewella Recruits Yellow Claw To Get Lost InSome ‘Bittersweet’ Memories On NewSong ‘Rewind’

Be careful when taking a trip down memory lane, because as EDM duo Krewella capture on their new club banger, it’s ‘so easy to get stuck in the past.’ CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Krewella, Yellow Claw, Hollywood Life, News
KURA, Asia Live 365, News

Coverage: Asia Live | Jul 10, 2020

Scratch that ‘Rave’ itch with KURA’s throwback track

Released on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings last week (July 3), KURA’s new nostalgic single draws upon both bouncy, big room house and electro house sounds from the early 2010s. EDM fans will definitely enjoy this old-school, throwback that slaps as KURA weaves in strong basslines with energetic melodies that will definitely put your living room and/or bedroom floor on fire as you start your party-ready weekend. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Your EDM | Jul 01, 2020

Deniz Koyu Drops Pop Infused Summer Single “Next to You”

Summer has just gotten started, so it’s way too early to name an official “Song of the Summer” yet. However, we just might have an early contender with Deniz Koyu’s latest track “Next to You.” While the Turkish-German producer/DJ’s previous releases this year were definitely more festival-leaning, “Next to You” is much more pop-leaning. This track works equally well whether you’re driving along the beach on a bright summer day or vibing out at a festival (if there were festivals right now.) CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Deniz Koyu, Youredm, News
MYRNE, Dancing Astronaut, News

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Jun 29, 2020

MYRNE Releases “Forbidden Lovers”

The Singapore-based MYRNE’s latest track “Forbidden Lovers” is an ode to the myriad circumstances that keep people apart. How apropos. The producer and crooner crafts a cinematic and emotive sonic landscape that opens a lush instrumental and the sounds of birds chirping. It’s as if you’ve just woken up somewhere peaceful in springtime, but the lyrics quickly reveal that something is missing from the equation. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Mixmag Adria | Jun 25, 2020

GRAVEDGR Drops Hard-Hitting 17-Track “6 FEET UNDER” Remix Album

GRAVEDGR is back to his hellish ways with the release of a brand new remix album of his debut LP “6 FEET UNDER,” and an exceptional treat for his equally nefarious fans: an album-themed live stream from, you guessed it, a cemetery. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
GRAVEDGR, Mixmag Adria, News
R3HAB, The National, News

Coverage: The National | Jun 23, 2020

R3HAB spoke to The National about his love for the UAE and new single “Miss U More Than U Know”

The DJ and producer has played at many of the world’s leading festivals, and his upbeat dance anthems, including the hits All Around the World (La La La) and Creep, have amassed more than a billion streams. At number 14 in the influential DJ MAG’s Top 100 list, the Moroccan-Dutch artist is also the Arab world’s EDM leading light. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Magnetic Magazine | Jun 22, 2020


Riot Ten jumps back into action with an intense bass-eccentric 7 track EP featuring artists like Shaq, Whales, and Bok Nero. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Magnetic magazine, Riot Ten, emergence ep, News
R3HAB, DJ MAG Italia, News

Coverage: DJ Mag Italy | Jun 16, 2020

Tech In The Studio with R3HAB

R3HAB sat down with DJ Mag Italy to discuss technical aspects of his single “911” with Timmy Trumpet. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Times | Jun 08, 2020

DJ Times interviews Project 46

Project 46 spoke to DJ Times about producers’ life and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Project 46, DJ Times, News
Yellow Claw, DJ Mag Italia, News

Coverage: DJ Mag Italy | May 25, 2020

DJ Mag Italy interviews Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw sat down with DJ Mag Italy for a tech interview about the Dutch duo’s Barong Family’s new album “Hard in Bangkok”. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: EDM tunes | May 12, 2020

Corey James Returns To Protocol With Stellar Track “Don’t Stop”

Corey James continues leaving his mark in 2020! The English artist is back to one of his favorite labels: Protocol Recordings! The label, run by Dutch DJ Nicky Romero is home for James’ latest release. Titled “Don’t Stop,” James digs into the strongest side of house to put out a hard banging hit! With his third release of the year, James aims to become an unstoppable force inside the industry. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Corey james, Protocol Recordings, edmtunes, News
Nicky Romero, The Sun, News

Coverage: The SUN | Apr 30, 2020

Nicky Romero has us dreaming of festivals with this fantastic selection

As one of the poster boys for EDM throughout the last decade, collaborating with the likes of Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Fedde Le Grand and the late Avicii, Nicky Romero is back with new single ‘Destiny’, a collaboration with Deniz Koyu featuring Alexander Tidebrink. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Your EDM | Apr 25, 2020

Your EDM Interviews Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw, barong Family, your edm, News
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Coverage: Playboy Mexico | Apr 21, 2020

Playboy Mexico Interviews R3HAB

R3HAB spoke to Playboy Mexico about remixing non-EDM artists, being independent artist, debut studio album, Dave Grohl’s daughter listening to his music and more. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: | Apr 18, 2020


Bass music duo GLD have stampeded their way into Carnage’s Heavyweight Records with their new single “Judgement Day,” a mammoth hybrid trap tune for all the bass heads out there. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Apr 17, 2020

Nicky Romero and Deniz Koyu proctor progressive house bliss on “Destiny”

Despite the genre’s direction, and perhaps relative downsizing in the years leading up to the new decade, Nicky Romero and Deniz Koyu have been among those as dedicated as ever to carrying the progressive house torch. Thousands of Tomorrowland spectators in addition to those experiencing the livestream from home became fully aware that the duo had produced something special when Romero adjourned his 2019 performance with a follow-up cooperative beside his “Paradise” counterpart. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: edm tunes | Apr 10, 2020

Project 46 Releases First Track in 4 Years With “Remember You”

We “Remember You” Project 46! The Canadian duo has surprised us all and released their first single in 4 years. ‘Remember You’ will take you back to the golden age of EDM. It is beautifully progressive and has everything we want in a track. The drop is filled with layers of synths that will be making you think of the festival season. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Apr 08, 2020

Summer arrives early via Thomas Gold’s “Live A Little Louder”

Veteran producer Thomas Gold has returned to Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings for his fifth and newest release on the imprint, “Live A Little Louder.” Protocol releases are typically a blend of upbeat and euphoric, and Gold’s newest output is no exception. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard | Apr 07, 2020

Kaskade Spoke to Billboard about Redux 004 EP

You can hear the influence of Chicago in Kaskade’s latest release, Redux 004. Out this past Saturday (April 4), the four-track EP bumps along on groovy four-on-the-floor beats that oscillate between deep house afterhours vibes (“Feel It”) and peak time party starters (“Sexy,” Feat. L.A. hip-hop artist Kosha Dillz). (…) Here, he talks about his big moments of the EDM era, where the dance scene is going in this new decade and how he once saw the future at Electric Daisy Carnival. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Forbes | Apr 06, 2020

Kaskade Spoke to Forbes about Redux 004 EP

Kaskade, one of the top names in electronic dance music, released REDUX 004 on Saturday, April 4. Each of the songs on the four-track EP boasts a different sound, ranging from house beats perfect for the dance floor to a melodic record accompanied by emotional lyrics. The EP is the fourth installment, though it’s not as long as its 18-track predecessor, REDUX 003. For those who are not familiar with the Arkade label boss, the REDUX brand is known for its deeper sound as compared to a typical Kaskade set. The seven-time GRAMMY nominee and the first DJ to land a Las Vegas residency took the time to share with Forbes the inspiration behind his latest release, the stories behind each of the tracks and more. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag France | Mar 30, 2020

Nicky Romero’s “Redefine” EP

French edition of DJ Magazine supports Nicky Romero’s club-oriented Redefine” EP.
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Coverage: Your EDM | Mar 27, 2020


Nicky Romero has finally dropped his highly anticipated Redefine EP. Redefine is a three-track collection of high-energy melodic club tracks as only the Dutch superstar could present them. Nick originally announced the EP with the leadoff track “I See” back in January. Now “Time” and “Replica” round out the EP as Nick continues to update his sound while reaching back to his club roots. Redefine is sure to please Nicky’s longtime fans. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Mar 18, 2020

GRAVEDGR Speaks To Dancing Astronaut about His Debut Album

It’s been 2 years since GRAVEDGR landed on our radar with his thunderous debut “Rampage” on Carnage’s Heavyweight Records. Since then we’ve stayed locked on his every move, patiently waiting for his first LP to drop like a napalm across the EDM landscape. A Carnage protege, GRAVEDGR is now one of the most in demand producers on the bass circuit and he’s spent the past year cooking up some maddening productions for his aptly-titled album “6 Feet Under.” No bass genre goes untapped on this 14 track odyssey of sonic depravity. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Wonderland Magazine | Mar 17, 2020

Felix Cartal Joined Forces With Sophie Simmons for “Mine”

Undulating playful synths, a galloping rhythm and soul-lifting vocals – it can only be the brand new track from Vancouver-hailed DJ Felix Cartal. “Mine” follows the producer and DJ, Taelor Deitcher’s irresistible sonic formula: melting melodic electro-pop sensibilities with slick body-shaking bass lines, this time relaying an ode to lost love with the honey vocals of singer Sophie Simmons. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Betches | Mar 12, 2020

Instagram Star Charly Jordan’s New Single “Blackstrap Molasses”

I know we make fun of the whole idea of Instagram influencers pretty often over here, but all that means is that you can trust us to know which ones are legit. And let me tell you, Charly Jordan (@charlyjordan) is super legit. The 21-year-old is already a model and photographer, and today (March 13th) she marks her entrance into the music industry with the release of her debut single, “Blackstrap Molasses” at a kick-off at Hakkasan in Las Vegas. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Times | Mar 11, 2020

SLANDER Talk Emotional Bass Music, Gud Vibrations & Stage Production (Cover Story)

At time when bass music’s popularity is showing no signs of slowing down, the genre’s more melodic side has begun to take more of the spotlight. Thanks to prominent acts like Seven Lions, Adventure Club and Illenium, festival tents and stages continue to draw in big numbers for purveyors of that sound. Of course, another driving force – and perhaps the one with the most upward trajectory these days – is L.A.-based duo, SLANDER. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Mixmag Asia | Mar 06, 2020


In September of 2019, Yellow Claw rounded up the fam and went to Thailand to record an album together. Although they’ve been trickling music from the album into the world for the last few weeks, today the first four tracks from ‘Hard In Bangkok’ album were officially released into the wild alongside part one of a documentary of the same name. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Nylon Magazine | Mar 06, 2020

Kaskade Premieres “Love Like That” From His Redux 004 Series

Over the past two decades, Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) has become one of the most successful DJs in the electronic music world. In addition to selling out arenas, festivals and Las Vegas residency shows, though, the progressive house DJ returns to his roots with his Redux tour series, returning to smaller clubs and venues to play more intimate shows. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Run The Trap | Feb 27, 2020

GRAVEDGR Aims To Claim Souls With Debut Album “6 FEET UNDER”

Reigning the dark depths of bass music, you will many talented newcomers such as GRAVEDGR. His intense adaptation of hard-trap has left quite the impression for those with a heavy heart. Offering nothing but pure adrenaline and wicked rib shattering records, GRAVEDGR is looking to leave his stamp on the current state of dance music. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: | Feb 21, 2020


R3HAB (original name Fadil El Ghoul) gave his remix touch to Steve Aoki’s collaboration with Maluma, “Maldad.” The “Maldad” remix is something of a friendly reciprocation for Aoki recently remixing El Ghoul’s own single “Flames,” featuring Zayn. In his classic fashion, El Ghoul gives another kick of energy to the original raggaeton track, lighting it with an upbeat, tropical tempo. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Feb 20, 2020

Au5 & Nytrix Link On Heavy Dubstep Heater “Always In A Nightmare”

It’s a really good day to be a bass-head! Although we thought Au5 & Nytrix had already done enough sonic destruction with their 2018 collab “Only In A Dream“, today the two have reunited on a fresh followup, “Always In A Nightmare“. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Magazine | Feb 18, 2020

Franky Nuts’ Top 10 Tracks
in DJ Mag

Franky Nuts Prepared His Favorite Tracks for February Printed Issue of DJ Mag North America. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Feb 14, 2020

Franky Nuts releases “Time Is Running Out” on Circus Records

Franky Nuts has been slowly building up his name in the international bass scene. The young producer straight out of the Netherlands exploded onto the circuit with a unique musicality and style that combines powerful vocal harmonies with menacing bass in a damn near deadly combination. Following up his most recent collab with fellow bass phenom, Jauz, Franky Nuts continues his streak of smashes with a new solo output “Time is Running Out.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard | Feb 06, 2020

Nicky Romero Embraces a Softer Side On His Latest Single “Stay”

“Stay” is a decidedly more low-key affair than last month’s mainstage banger, instead showcasing the producer’s softer, more pop-influenced side, with wistful synths and a sing-along melody primed for radio play. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Idolator | Jan 30, 2020

R3HAB, ZAYN & Jungleboi’s “Flames” Video Is A Dystopian Nightmare

R3HAB’s genre-bridging “Flames,” a collaboration with ZAYN and Jungleboi, was one of the best EDM-hybrids of 2019. The soulful banger now gets an elaborate video based on a concept from the featured vocalist. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard | Jan 24, 2020

Kaskade & BROHUG Release “1990”

Kaskade joins forces with the Swedish trio BROHUG (composed of John Dahlbäck, and Chris and Niklas Lunde) for perhaps the most prolific throwback single in electronic music to date, a tribute to one of the most significant years in music – 1990. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Your EDM | Jan 24, 2020


R3HAB is back with his first single of 2020, “More Than OK,” a smooth and vibey collaboration with Swedish singer Clara Mae and Canadian producer/DJ Frank Walker. “More Than OK” definitely stays in line with a lot of R3hab’s 2019 releases, a melodic, more radio friendly tune with amazing female vocal work. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: BBC | Jan 15, 2020

Eptic’s Quest Mix on Annie Nightingale’s show on BBC

Two of the biggest names in Trap and EDM, Eptic and Dillon Francis, supply the mixes. And Annie brings the biggest tunes of January so far. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Jan 10, 2020

Tchami Puts His Magic Touch On New Remix Of Valentino Khan & Diplo’s “JustYourSoul”

When Tchami gets recruited for remix duties, you know you’re in for a treat. The French-phenom surely has the Midas touch of house music and today Valentino Khan and Diplo have passed the baton to Tchami for a fresh remix of their track “JustYourSoul”. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Mag Espana | Jan 09, 2020

Sultan + Shepard celebrate the 5th anniversary of “Keep Moving” with 2020’s Reboot

Sultan + Shepard release a reboot of their 2014’s classic dance track “Keep Moving,” in collaboration with The Boxer Rebellion, to celebrate its 5th anniversary. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Pop Dust | Dec 23, 2019

Vlade Kay and DJ Snake Team Up on “All This Lovin'”

Russian pop prodigy Vlade Kay linked up with DJ Snake to deliver “All This Lovin'” after the two met at a L.A. writing camp. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Dec 21, 2019

R3HAB talks working with Zayn Malik for “Flames”

R3HAB tapped Zayn Malik, former member of pop band One Direction, and Jungleboi for new single “Flames.” After the track received a warm reception, they have released an elaborate and thought-provoking music video for the single that’s set to come out in January. Dancing Astronaut spoke to R3HAB about the thought-provoking video, and about how the concept for the visual narrative came to be. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag Latinoamerica | Dec 07, 2019

Nicky Romero Remixes Armin van Buuren & Ne-Yo’s “Unlove You”

This great collaboration deserved an equally quality remix, and that is exactly what Nicky Romero offered. Nicky Romero remixed “Unlove You,” Armin Van Buuren’s single recorded with American singer Ne-Yo, who appeared in Armin’s most recent album “Balance.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Mag North America | Dec 06, 2019

R3HAB’s Top 10 Tracks

R3HAB prepared his Top 10 favorite tracks for DJ Mag North America’s December 2019 issue. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard | Dec 06, 2019

Felix Cartal & LIGHTS’ “Love Me” feature on Billboard

Felix Cartal & LIGHTS’ “Love Me” has been selected by Billboard as one of “The Best Overlooked Pop Songs of the 2010s.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Mag France | Nov 18, 2019

Focus: Stadiumx

DJ Mag France has put their spotlight on one of the most prominent duos of Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings’ roster. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Your EDM | Nov 18, 2019


4B continues his explorative and explosive streak of new music with “Bang Bang.” The fresh, new single with ACRAZE hits hard, skillfully blending urban and trap influences for optimum results. From the jump, “Bang Bang” never lets up with its striking rap vocals and stabbing percussion. The drops pack in the bounce and the bass, both signature of 4B’s distinct style. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Hollywood Life | Nov 15, 2019

R3HAB Lights Up The Dance Floor With Help From ZAYN & Jungleboi On New Song “Flames”

Stand back, because this song is legit fire. Superstar DJ R3HAB has teamed up with Zayn Malik and Jungleboi to crank up the heat on their brand new track, “Flames.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Mixmag Brazil | Nov 07, 2019

RIOT Speaks To Mixmag Brazil About The Debut Album “Dogma Resistance”

RIOT, veteran duo of the famous label Monstercat, have just released their most important project to date, the debut album ‘Dogma Resistance’ with an accompanying comic book. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard | Nov 01, 2019

Felix Cartal Taps Zedd, Kaskade, Anna Lunoe & More For Inspiring ‘Right Now’ Video

If you can believe in anything, believe that you’re not alone in feeling down. Nobody is perfectly happy all the time. Even the most successful among us question their worth and talent. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: | Nov 01, 2019

Nicky Romero, Mike Williams, and Amba Shepherd Deliver “Dynamite”

When two powerhouse Dutch producers get in a studio together, a hit traditionally follows. That statement rings especially true when the collaboration is lead by none other than progressive house superstar Nicky Romero. He’s here to deliver “Dynamite” in collaboration with Mike Williams and renowned singer/songwriter Amba Shepherd. What started as an internet friendship has blossomed into a classic main-stage bop out now on Romero’s Protocol Recordings. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Idolator | Oct 23, 2019

Ella Vos Joins Forces With R3HAB For “Exhale”

“Exhale,” a joint-effort with R3HAB, arrived on Friday and it’s a different kind of breakup song. “Exhale” exists in space between her dreamy sound and R3HAB’s euphoric electronica, which makes it extra special. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag Germany | Oct 18, 2019

Carnage Launches Merch Line at ADE with Meaningful Message

For Carnage, this year is one of the most successful of his career. During the summer he has released three new singles and played at many well-known festivals worldwide. At the Amsterdam Dance Event Carnage has launched his new merch line with a very special and meaningful message and spoke to DJ Mag Germany about it. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Oct 18, 2019

Tchami Calls On Valentino Khan To Inject Energy Into Upbeat New “Rainforest” Remix

Valentino Khan has been called upon by Tchami himself for a brand new remix. “Rainforest” was groovy, melodic tune that Tchami dropped back in August 9 of this year, and we were big fans. Today, Valentino Khan unloads his energetic flip of “Rainforest,” and it’s weapon that will surely be utilized on the dance floor. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Earmilk | Sep 24, 2019

Throttle Drops Second Single From Forthcoming Monstercat EP, “Japan”

After years of releasing house hits, it’s hard to believe that the Melbourne-born producer is just now on the cusp of releasing his debut EP. What a better place to drop the project, titled Where U Are, than renowned electronic imprint Monstercat, who continues to push the envelope of dance music with each forward-thinking release. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard | Sep 16, 2019

Party Favor & Nonsens Light Up the Club With Electro-Bass Tune “Gasoline”

If you’re looking for an electronic energy boost, you’ve come to the right station. Party Favor and Danish trio Nonsens’ “Gasoline” is a shape-shifting club banger designed to pump your body and fuel your rowdiest nights. A little bit electro funk, a dash of drum’n’bass rhythms and a touch of trap breakdown combine in total dance floor combustion. There’s melody for the groove chasers and plenty of boom for the trouble starters. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Sep 13, 2019

Riot Ten breaks down his debut LP Hype or Die: Nightmares

Keep your loved ones close because Riot Ten isn’t taking any prisoners. The bass music mayhem maker’s debut album is an all out sonic assault on your senses. “Hype or Die: Nightmares” stays true to his past productions and goes straight for your ear drums and your heart rate with an all out barrage of grinding saws and thunderous percussion. From the first kick to the last, Riot explores all facets of the genre with expert precision and if the name is any indicator, this one might give you nightmares. Sweet, sweet nightmares. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: This Song Is Sick | Sep 04, 2019

Party Favor & Salvatore Ganacci’s Wonky “Wasabi” Gets Absurdly Hilarious Music Video

Need something to kickstart your Wednesday? Look no further… Today we’re pleased to be premiering the music video for Party Favor and Salvatore Ganacci’s wonky track “Wasabi.” The bouncing, high energy song hits hard and is ready for dancefloors of all shapes + sizes. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard | Aug 30, 2019

Nicky Romero Plays ‘Fishing For Answers’

Nicky Romero plays “Fishing For Answers,” as he reveals who his first celebrity crush was, who his favorite new artist is, and much more. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Aug 28, 2019

Habstrakt debuts first-ever music video, with Monstercat-housed ‘The One’

Parisian bass music producer, Adam “Habstrakt” Jouneau, has returned to newfangled Toronto label housing, Monstercat, for his debut music video showing and adjoining single, “The One.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Your EDM | Aug 17, 2019


It’s been a full year since Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Nicky Romero dropped their highly anticipated collab “Here We Go.” Both artists have been dominating the festival circuit since then, and now we finally have a follow-up. “Everybody Clap” is another sure fire festival anthem featuring all the elements to get the main stage crowd going wild. Both DVLM and Nicky unveiled the track at Tomorrowland this year, and it’s also the latest free download as part of DVLM’s Summer of Madness. Celebrating the sounds of Tomorrowland, the Belgian super-duo have also dropped collabs with Quintino (“Boing”), Paris Hilton (Best Friend’s Ass), and their latest smash hit, “Instagram” with David Guetta and Daddy Yankee. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: | Aug 09, 2019


Following a summer of single releases, Valentino Khan’s long awaited House Party EP has arrived in full. Khan’s recent singles with Diplo and Wuki were enough to grab our attention, but with his latest long-form work out now on Mad Decent, House Party has proved to be a project worth exploring in full. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag North America | Aug 05, 2019

Thomas Gold’s Top 10 in DJ Mag North America

To celebrate the release of his new single, “Someone New” with Raiden on Protocol Recordings, Thomas Gold prepared his top 10 productions for DJ Mag North America. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Your EDM | Aug 02, 2019


As a duo, Moksi has only been around since 2015 and have already made a huge name for themselves in the house world. Frequently named in the same sentences as Malaa, Brohug, Jauz, and more, this Dutch duo excels in any variety of house music, as TROHM so clearly exemplifies. From the groovy disco house of “Downtown” with Ookay to the emotional main stage vibes of “Doorman” with Chace to the soft synths of “Slow Burn” with Elayna Boynton, from the ratchet rap vibes of “So Fly” with Lil Debbie to the ground shaking bangers like “Spike the Punch” with Dusty or “You Lose Nothing” with Chocolate Puma, this album does it all. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard | July 24, 2019

Carnage & Nazaar’s ‘Blitzkrieg’ Video Is a Weapon Of Mass Dance-struction

Just because Carnage broadened his sonic horizons and got all in the feels for “Letting People Go,” it doesn’t mean Papi Gordo has gone soft. He needs you to know that he can still bang hard, so he’s back with another brutal bass anthem for all the festival ravers that need something for the mosh pits. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DJ Mag Italia | July 08, 2019

Tech My Track: Valentino Khan’s “Pony”

Valentino Khan sat down with DJ Mag Italia to discuss the technical side of his track “Pony”. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard | June 27, 2019

ShockOne & The Bloody Beetroots Bring the Doom in ‘Run’ Video

Australian producer ShockOne has a real screamer of a lead single for his fothcoming album “A Dark Machine”. His sophomore LP takes inspiration from classic scifi and horror soundtracks by Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and John Carpenter, and that eery, thrilling presence is felt on “Run.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Benny Benassi, Billboard, News

Coverage: Billboard / June 14, 2019

Benny Benassi & More: The Six Best Dance Tracks Out Today

New music Friday has been good to us this week, with a barrage of fresh tracks emerging like magic from the Internet ether. We’re sliding into the weekend with new music from Elderbrook and Diplo, Galantis and Yellow Claw, Walker & Royce, Hayden James and Benny Benassi. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: El Paso Times | May 31, 2019

Riot Ten Talks To El Paso Times about his own festival

There are two sides to Chris Wilson that combined make him the home grown music producer and DJ Riot Ten. There’s the young dad who struggled, but persevered to make a name for himself through music, and prove to his parents and himself that his dreams were achievable. And then there’s the guy with the cool shades, whose stage name represents what he aims to do every time he hits the stage. “I really want to start a riot, get the crowd crazy, but with no one in danger. And 10 is the level I want to get at, just the craziest,” he said. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Shaquille O'Neal, Rolling Stone, News

Coverage: Rolling Stone Italia | May 05, 2019

Shaquille O’Neal – an interview with Rolling Stone Italy

He started as a DJ in the ’80s, but then he had some commitments: like winning an Olympic gold, 4 NBA titles and earning a place in the Hall of Fame. Now Shaquille O’Neal has returned to music, with a new single “BANG”, produced together with NGHTMRE and Lil Jon. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Red Bull | May 02, 2019

NGHTMRE and SLANDER: Seeing Sound with Red Bull

When NGHTMRE and SLANDER came together to create “Gud Vibrations,” they brought their vision of a bass music paradise to life. Driving synths, popping drums and dramatic builds and drops make the collab track a guaranteed banger on any festival mainstage. And the trio didn’t stop there. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS
Party Favor, BBC, News

Coverage: BBC Radio 1 | May 01, 2019

Party Favor on BBC Radio 1

Party Favor celebrates his new album release with a euphoric Quest Mix, plus new trap talent from Philadelphia, Subtronics is in the Ignition Mix showcasing his sound. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: COMPLEX | Apr 26, 2019

Party Favor Releases Debut Album ‘Layers’ f/ ASAP Ferg, Rich the Kid, and More

Over the last several years, Party Favor has established himself as one of the biggest names in EDM. The Los Angeles-based producer has dropped a number of EPs, appeared on the Billboard charts, and has collaborated with the likes of Gucci Mane, Dillon Francis, and Sean Kingston. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Party Favor, Coplex, News
NGHTMRE, billboard, News

Coverage: billboard | Apr 11, 2019

Nghtmre Drops Dubstep VIP Edit of A$AP Ferg Collab ‘Redlight’

Nghtmre is a man of many sounds, but no matter how many melodic grooves or trap-ready hip-hop tunes he creates, he’s best known for being a bass lover. If you catch Nghtmre in concert, chances are, you’re ready to go ham, and it’s not uncommon for the Gud Vibrations co-leader to produce rowdy VIP edits of his varied hits for maximum live impact. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: billboard | Mar 29, 2019

Nicky Romero Talks DallasK & XYLØ Collab ‘Sometimes’ & ‘Getting Back to the Roots’ Ahead of Ultra Performance

Nicky Romero caught up with Billboard’s Kat Bein ahead of his Ultra Music Festival performance, chatting about his new collaboration with DallasK and XYLØ and going back to his roots with his new music. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS
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Forbes, Ultra Music Festival, Nicky Romero, NGHTMRE, SLANDER, Party Favor, News

Coverage: Forbes | Mar 19, 2019

Nicky Romero, NGHTMRE, SLANDER And Party Favor’s Guides To Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival will return to Miami March 29 through March 31 for three days of performances by some of of the top acts in electronic dance music across a broad spectrum of genres. The highly-regarded music festival is often considered one of the indicators of music festival season starting. For the first time in the festival’s history, Ultra will take place in Virginia Key instead of downtown Miami. Though the twenty-first rendition of the event is sure to have some changs as a result, it will still deliver its high-quality main stage production along with its visual art installations, live art and performances. Four DJs and producers who will be performing at this year’s event have shared with Forbes their packing essentials, favorite Ultra memories, must-see artists and more to help both seasoned veterans and first-time Ultra-goers attend the three day festival with ease. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut | Mar 16, 2019

Thomas Gold and Kosling induce euphoria with new release, ‘Wildest Dream’

Thomas Gold marks his official return to Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings with a new collaboration with up-and-comer Kosling titled “Wildest Dream.” They have released an original and extended cut of the track, both of which build around singer Matthew Steeper’s polarizing vocal lines. The track blends piano and high-pitched electronic notes to create a bouncy and upbeat tune that takes the listener to a happy place. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Thomas Gold, Protocol, Dancing Astronaut, News
R3HAB, C-Heads, News

Coverage: C-Heads | Mar 11, 2019

R3HAB on his career, life and love

R3HAB continues his massive career throughout which Forbes and Billboard Magazine recognized him as one of the most iconic electronic DJs and producers. Most recently his second full-length studio album, “The Wave” racking up over 350m streams and counting, with tracks “Rumors”, “Ain’t That Why”, “Hold On Tight”, “The Wave”, and “Lullaby” all shooting into the Billboard top 100 dance/electronic charts. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Complex | Mar 07, 2019

Party Favor Links With GTA for New Banger “Work It Out”

Party Favor breaks off another track from his upcoming debut studio album, Layers. The record, titled “Work It Out,” is a collaborative effort with GTA—a DJ/production duo that has worked with everyone from Vince Staples and Tinashe to Lil Jon and A-Trak. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Partt Favor, Complex, News
Nicky Romero, Music Radar, News

Coverage: Music Radar / Feb 25, 2019

Nicky Romero’s exclusive interview with Music Radar

Nicky Romero is something of a titan of the European electronic music scene. A producer of hit records, hugely in-demand DJ and owner of the influential Protocol label, the Dutch artist has collaborated with the likes of Rihanna, David Guetta and Britney Spears, and remixed countless others. Music Radar caught up with Nicky at ADE 2018 to find out more about his current studio workflow. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Feb 22, 2019

Party Favor Shares ‘Reach For Me’ With graves From Upcoming Debut LP ‘Layers’

Party Favor is set to release his forthcoming debut album Layers this April. First, the L.A.-based DJ and producer has decided to give fans a taste of what’s to come by exclusively sharing the lead single “Reach For Me” via Billboard Dance, before it’s out worldwide this Friday (Feb. 21). The track is a collaboration with bass boomer graves, who has worked with everyone from Flosstradamus and Post Malone to RL Grime. “We started working on this track during the early summer of 2018 and finished it up over the course of a few sessions in the fall,” says Party Favor. “This track is very cinematic and wanna come out of the gate strong.”. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Beats 1 / Feb 15, 2019

R3HAB on Apple Music’s Beats 1

During his “The Wave” North America tour R3HAB visited Apple Music’s Beats 1 studios in Los Angeles for an interview for Dance Chart with Anna Lunoe. Check out the show. CLICK TO LISTEN THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Jan 16, 2019

Valentino Khan & Kayzo Take Hardstyle to the Trap on ‘Novocaine’

Who’s ready to get blasted with bass? Mad Decent’s Valentino Khan and his buddy Kayzo just rode in on a bass of a different color. The pair’s collaboration “Novocaine” numbs your senses with a breakneck mix of hardstyle, trap, moombahton and drum’n’bass. It’s an all-out aural assault, and it’s gunning for your bum. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: LAWeekly / Jan 9, 2019

SLANDER Take Melodic Dubstep to the Masses (COVER STORY IN LA WEEKLY)

Los Angeles clubbers and lovers of EDM in general can’t fail to have become familiar with the name SLANDER over the eight and a half years since they launched in 2010. The local project’s name has become ever-present on L.A. bills. Meanwhile, the duo of Derek Andersen and Scott Land have been seeing their online followers grow at a dramatic rate. These are exciting times for SLANDER. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag / Jan 8, 2019


Snails is truly an artist whose music has no boundaries. After spending years crafting tunes in his small apartment featuring the most grimy sounds and unrelenting bass imaginable, his “vomitstep” sound found a home on labels such as OWSLA, Dim Mak and Monstercat, along with a cult following. His singles ‘The Light’ featuring Sarah Hudson, ‘WFSU’ with Waka Flocka Flame, and ‘Only Want U’ with NGHTMRE featuring Akylla set the stage for his game-changing debut album ‘The Shell’, which served as a testimony to exactly who Snails is as an artist.  Now with the launch of Slugz Music, Snails has a home for his music and others’ tunes too, that is as outrageous as they want it to be. “I want to release music that really inspires me and is just as weird as me,” he quips. DJ Mag caught up with the talented producer to ask him seven very important questions… CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: / Jan 6, 2019


As NGHTRME wrapped up his headlining NGHTMRE Before Xmas tour in New York last weekend, caught up with the L.A. producer at Terminal 5 to reflect on his history with music and what’s to come next. NGHTMRE candidly shared his desires to bridge the gap between hip-hop and EDM, his upcoming collaborations with A$AP Ferg and Tory Lanez, launching his own food-travel series, touring as an introvert, and more. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag North America / Jan 4, 2019

DJ Mag throws a few curveball questions the way of Party Favor

Party Favor, aka LA-based Dylan Ragland, has been doing the club a good service since he burst onto the scene in 2014 with ‘Bap U’, a twerk-inducing party starter whose video saw guest turns from Diplo and Seth Green. A regular on Mad Decent ever since, last summer’s Coachella saw him joined onstage by Jamie Foxx, Tyga and Rich The Kid. While the end of 2018 welcomed two singles in the space of a month — the club popping ‘Circle Up’, featuring Bipolar Sunshine, and the radio friendly ‘Blame’, fronted by the vocals of Naïka — 2019 heralds his debut album. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Radio 538 / Dec 26, 2018

Nicky Romero in Radio 538’s Game Caves

In the last episode of 2018’s “Game Caves” Nicky Romero showed Radio 538 his second home at Protocol Studios and sat down with Daniël Lippens in the game room to play video games. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS

Coverage: + iHeart Radio / Dec 18, 2018

Snails x x iHeart Radio Interview

It’s a special holiday interview with Snails. Find out why Adventure Club collab-ed on a track but won’t book him at École Privée, the inspiration for his comic books, & some Christmas trivia. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS, iHeartRadio, Snails, News
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Coverage: Beats 1 / Dec 11, 2018

NGHTMRE, SLANDER on Apple Music’s Beats 1

NGHTMRE and SLANDER sat down with Travis Mills for an exclusive interview on his show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. Travis Mills explores the pop culture universe, with the latest in music, TV, movies, Fashion, sports, and social media on Beats 1. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Nov 29, 2018

Nicky Romero & Alice Berg Dance Out the Door On ‘My Way’

If you’re looking to dance away hard times, Nicky Romero and Alice Berg’s collaboration “My Way” is a good place to start. Berg sure sound convincing over Romero’s warm-weather beat. “My Way” is confident and powerful, but not overly boisterous. It might not keep heartbreak at bay forever, but for three minutes while this plays, you’re golden. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Gud Vibrations, NGHTMRE, SLANDER, Wavedash, Deathwish, News

Coverage: Billboard / Oct 26, 2018

NGHTMRE & SLANDER Launch Gud Vibrations Label With WAVEDASH’s ‘Deathwish’

Three years ago, bass music friends NGHTMRE and SLANDER threw their first Gud Vibrations co-headlining event. It was a magical moment, the start of something much bigger than themselves. Somehow they knew it had to evolve. As the years passed, it became obvious to both producers that Gud Vibrations at its core could become a label ideology, a frontier for a new generation of bass and dubstep producers. They had the drive and desire and even the fan base. They just needed the first artist to champion. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut / Oct 24, 2018

ATLiens reveal haunting bass trap ‘IMMA’ with Badrapper

ATLiens strike back with an earth-trembling, bass-rattler, “IMMA” featuring Badrapper. The duo infuse their signature trap tempo with eerie tension, hyped-up vocals, background sirens, and nervous high hats that grow in confidence as anticipation balloons. Fluttering sub bass and abrasive synths take control, filling the space with catchy high ends of menacing giggles and haunting strings. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: / Oct 19, 2018

Party Favor & Bipolar Sunshine’s “Circle Up”

For his latest track, Party Favor has teamed up with singer/songwriter Bipolar Sunshine who’s known for his work with DJ Snake on their anthem “Middle” as well as his work with Gryffin on their collab “Whole Heart.” “Circle Up” is a dance floor-friendly banger featuring tribal-inspired drums sure to keep crowds moving to its insanely addictive beat. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Sep 27, 2018

Snails, Zeds Dead & Akylla Are Rowdy in Love on ‘Magnets’

Love is one wild ride. You’re super up, then you’re down, then you’re pulled in all kinds of directions, never knowing what the next day will bring. At least, that’s the way Snails and Zeds Dead see the experience, illustrated through a mix of stirring melodies and maniacal glitches in a collaboration called “Magnets,” featuring further additions from electronic duo Akylla. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Nicky Romero, Discover Benelux, Cover Story, News

Coverage: Discover Benelux / Sep 03, 2018

Nicky Romero: Building a Music Empire (Cover Story)

From humble beginnings, Nicky Romero has built himself a music empire. The famous DJ and producer rose to fame with the big hit Toulouse in 2011, the music video for which has been viewed over 390 million times on YouTube. Now, he runs his own record label and radio show, and in addition to releasing his own records, he also provides opportunities for other musicians to succeed. In our chat, Nicky reflects on some important lessons learned during the journey. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Aug 23, 2018

The Chainsmokers and NGHTMRE Roar And Rumble On ‘Save Yourself’

Is this the new Skrillex? No, it’s just The Chainsmokers ad NGHTMRE absolutely unloading an all-out assault on your ears. “Save Yourself” is a rough, rumbling blast of bass that somehow still finds room to be melodic and worth a good singalong. “Save Yourself” was debuted during The Chainsmokers’ headline gig at Ultra Miami earlier this year. NGHTMRE also teased it during hsi set at EDC Las Vegas. Now, the monstrous, tower-crumbling basslines are out in full, courtesy of Disruptor Records as part of the New York City duo’s Sick Boy set of releases. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Nicky Romero, Las Vegas Weekly, Interview, News

Coverage: Las Vegas Weekly / Aug 16, 2018


Nicky Romero caught up with Las Vegas Weekly prior to his performance at Wynn Nightlife  CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: The National / Aug 14, 2018

Swedish duo Vcation hopes to get a different party started

Their songs have dominated international dance music festivals and the club scene for nearly a decade, but what happens when the party is over? This is a question John Martin and Michel Zitron spent time pondering last year: The Swedish singer-songwriter duo are behind some of the biggest dance anthems of the past decade. With Zitron mostly on writing duties and Martin’s soaring vocals delivering sky-scraping hooks, the pair are the modern equivalent of fellow Swedes Benny and Bjorn. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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NGHTMRE, The Verge, What's In Your Bag, News

Coverage: The Verge / Aug 10, 2018

What’s In NGHTMRE’s Bag?

What’s in your bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. This week, we’re featuring electronic music producer and DJ NGHTMRE. (…) This mammoth-sized stage persona is markedly different from what The Verge encounters when we meet the DJ and producer to rummage through his bag. Here, on the rooftop of Hotel Americano in New York, NGHTMRE is simply Tyler Marenyi, a soft-spoken 27-year-old with a gentle smile. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Aug 09, 2018

SLANDER, Crankdat & Asking Alexandria Merge Metal With Dubstep for ‘Kneel Before Me’

Thunder roars in the distance. A guitar crunches a repetitive rhythm as a synth moans in the night. A man’s voice croons over the building energy until, suddenly, his voice twists into a gnarled half-scream, half-growl, and there is no turning back. The drop is upon you, and there will be no mercy. So it goes with SLANDER and Crankdat’s collaborative single “Kneel Before Me,” a true stomping dub-metal hybrid that taps Asking Alexandria for sickening support. It’ll make you want to bust out the eyeliner and swing your guitar around like it’s a medieval weapon. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard / Aug 01, 2018

Nicky Romero & Taio Cruz Make Love Pop With ‘Me On You’

Summer is in full swing and love is in the air. Don’t run from it; pull it in closer with “Me On You,” a synthy dance-pop hook courtesy of Nicky Romero and Taio Cruz. It’s a groovy, catchy little tune that hits all the spots for a summer-love fling. Cruz’s performance is classic pop sweetness with just enough soul. Romero sounds quite comfortable in the dance-pop crossover world, following his singles “Where Would We Be” with Rozes, though “Here We Go,” his recent collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, shows he isn’t far from his festival house roots.  CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut / Jul 30, 2018

The songwriters behind smash SHM hits announce new VCATION alias, release debut single

Swedish House Mafia‘s “Don’t You Worry Child” and “Save the World” exude a vibrant and timeless electronic personality that would earn the respective singles acknowledgment in an EDM canon if one ever were to exist. The lyrical mastery behind two of SHM’s biggest hits, as well as that of Tiësto‘s”Red Lights,” Avicii‘s “Fade Into Darkness,” and Martin Garrix‘s “Now That I’ve Found You” can be attributed to the collective work of songwriters John Martin and Michel Zitron. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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R-Wan, Busta Rhymes, Big Ali, News

Coverage: Hip Hop Weekly / Jul 15, 2018

Big Ali & Busta Rhymes & R-Wan join forces for “Bottles Up”

R-Wan teamed up with Busta Rhymes and Big Ali for the release of “Bottles Up” on Restricted Records, a record label launched by R-Wan himself. The French producer has mentioned how working together with Big Ali has strengthened their friendship throughout time.  CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Forbes / Jun 18, 2018

Nicky Romero Shares  His Travel Advice WITH FORBES

Nicky Romero has taken house music by storm, headlining major music festivals around the globe over the course of his illustrious career. The Dutch DJ and producer is constantly bouncing from country to country as he plays more shows than there are weeks in a year. Forbes caught up with him during his busy schedule to hear about his travel necessities, the best hotel he has stayed in and the two things he collects. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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NGHTMRE, Beats1, Ebro Darden, Apple Music, News

Coverage: Beats 1 / Jun 09, 2018

NGHTMRE at Apple Music’s Beats 1

NGHTMRE swung by Apple Music’s Beats 1 HQ in New York City for Monday Motivation Mix and an interview with Ebro Darden.  CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / May 31, 2018

SLANDER & Bret James Show Sensuality on “Slow Motion”

If even thugs cry and angels deserve to die, it stands to reason that bass music dudes have softer sides too. Los Angeles duo SLANDER puts its sensuality on its sleeve in latest single “Slow Motion,” a bed-rockin’ R&B ballad that keeps the low end strong in classic style but still sets the mood with a few candles. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Felix Cartal, Interview, Next Season, News

Coverage: / May 10, 2018


Felix Cartal is undoubtedly one of the largest rising stars within the current EDM scene. Having amassed over 100 million Spotify streams, his name has quickly become synonymous with success. His new album “Next Season” is beautifully produced and written. With powerful vocal toplines and stunning arrangements, I can only imagine that it will become one of the highlights of 2018 for the music industry.  CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Complex / May 10, 2018

Dirty Audio and BL3R Link With Young Buck for “Bandana”

Before he takes the stage at Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival next week, Los Angeles producer Dirty Audio has dropped a trap-heavy record assisted by Young Buck and production duo BL3R. The song, titled “Bandana,” is touted as Dirty Audio’s most “heavy-hitting” release to date, as it features EDM-infused trap beats and Buck’s menacing flow. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Felix Cartal, Nex Season, Album, Billboard, News

Coverage: Billboard / May 04, 2018

Felix Cartal Breaks Down His 18-Track Album “Next Season”

Two years ago, Canadian producer Felix Cartal began working on his third album, Next Season 18 tracks and two Juno Award nominations later, Cartal’s impassioned LP is here in full forward. The body of work includes six previously released tracks, most notably the New Radicals cover “Get What You Give,” which peaked at No. 70 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 in January 2018. Other familiar cuts include “Drifting Away” featuring Ofelia K and “Hold Tight.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Beats 1 / Apr 30, 2018

Nicky Romero at Apple Music’s Beats 1

Nicky Romero and ROZES swung by Apple Music’s Beats 1 studio in New York City for #MondayMotivation mix and interview with Ebro Darden. CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE NEWS
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Nicky Romero, AOL Build, ROZES, Good Morning America, News

Coverage: AOL / Apr 30, 2018

Nicky Romero at AOL Build

Out now via Photo Finish Records, American singer-songwriter Rozes and iconic Dutch producer Nicky Romero had a stunning debut collaboration, “Where Would We Be.” A larger-than-life song filled with sumptuous pop-laden soundscapes, “Where Would We Be” marries Rozes’ unmistakable pristine vocals with the impeccable production values for which Nicky Romero has become so famed over the years. BUILD hosted Rozes and Romero as they dropped by to speak on the collaboration and more. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Apr 23, 2018

Nicky Romero Remembers The Last Time He Saw Avicii: Exclusive Interview

Avicii, 28, was found dead Friday, April 20, while on a resort vacation in the capital city of Oman, a country in the Middle East. Romero is about about the same age as his late friend was, and the two producers came up together at similar times and shared many of their first experiences on the international scale. To watch a brother in creative arms pass on so early, with so much yet to be accomplished, is perhaps the most difficult part for Romero. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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NGHTMRE, BBC, Annie Nightingale, Interview, News

Coverage: BBC Radio 1 / Apr 03, 2018

NGHTMRE on BBC Radio 1

Before his sold out gig in London, UK this year NGHTMRE sat down with BBC Radio 1/BBC Radio 1Xtra’s icon Annie Nightingale for an extensive interview. You can listen to it worldwide via BBC’s website (the interview starts at 39:44). CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag North America / Mar 21, 2018

DJ Mag North America interviews Raiden

Just in time for Miami Music Week, the Protocol Recordings’ veteran got 1-page feature in Dj Mag North America’s Miami Music Week special issue. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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NGHTMRE, ZHU, Billboard, News

Coverage: Billboard / Mar 02, 2018

NGHTMRE Remixes Zhu & Ekali’s “Blame” With Emboldened Beats

When Zhu and Ekali came together on “Blame,” the pair delivered a sonic boom of experimental bass. It was dark and sensual, subtle and hard-hitting, but there was always this underlying current of frenetic energy begging to bubble to the surface. Now, NGHTMRE brings that biting edge to life with a bold remix that melts drum’n’bass rhythms with dubstep growls and neon synths. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Mar 02, 2018

SLANDER Build a Solid Groove on Heartbreak Anthem “Happy Now”

You know SLANDER as a bass slingin’ duo with hard edges and clean production, but everyone has a hidden softer side and a breakup anthem is the best way to bring it out. Enter “Happy Now,” SLANDER’s latest tune to showcase the softer side of the duo’s musical abilities while conjuring a solid groove. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Rainer+Grimm, Highsnobiety, Tempted, News

Coverage: Highsnobiety / Jan 31, 2018

Rainer + Grimm Unveil a Surreal Visual for “Tempted”

Back in September, dance-duo extraordinaire Rainer + Grimm unleashed a stellar new track in the form of their club/R&B-hybrid “Tempted.” Now, the Toronto-based producers have shared a visual to match, in the form of a wildly-surreal trip featuring the scariest man in a bunny suit this side of Donnie Darko. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Hypebeast / Jan 11, 2018

NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis Share Animated “Another Dimension” Video

In December, NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis dropped a heavy electronic banger titled “Another Dimension.” The hard-hitting song combines dubstep, trap, hardstyle, drum and bass, and other electronic elements. Today, NGHTMRE and Francis released the record’s music video, which finds the duo inside of a virtual reality world where they lose their minds and embark on an otherworldly adventure, exploring the Egyptian pyramids and starring in their own version of Super Mario. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Trap City, DJ Snake, Dirty Audio, News

Coverage: Trap City / Jan 11, 2018

Dirty Audio’s remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way” on Trap City

The World’s leading youtube channel supports dirty audio’s official remix of dj snake’s 2017’s hit “A different way”. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag North America / Jan 04, 2018

HOWWLER, A faceless wolf on the dancefloor…

WHETHER HELMETED, ROBOTIC or simply faceless, the whole “mystery producer” shtick has been played out since the last Marshmello x deadmau5 Twitter beef. Luckily for Howwler, the latest act to take the anonymous route, it’s no gimmick: the music speaks for itself. Details about Howwler are scarce, save for a few creepy visuals and a handful of cryptic tweets. What we do know is that the dude likes his bass dark and his beats slathered with a coat of sinister devilry. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Forbes, NGHTMRE, Interview, News

Coverage: Forbes / Dec 18, 2017

FORBES Found Out Everything You Need To Know About NGHTMRE’s Future Sound And New Music

NGHTMRE is closing 2017 out right. Beyond dropping new music in time for the holidays and his “NGHTMRE Before XMas Tour,” he managed to pencil in a vacation at this year’s Your Paradise Festival in Fiji. In between his set and a parasailing adventure with his girlfriend along with other EDM artists on the private island, Forbes got a second to catch up with the star about his whirlwind of a year and everything he has planned for 2018. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Dec 15, 2017

Felix Cartal’s “Get What You Give” made it to Billboard’s Best Dance/Electronic Songs Of 2017 (#35)

The dance music scene came alive in 2017. Many of the genre’s biggest names pushed themselves in new directions, turning in their turntables for synthesizers and microphones, or climbing in the studio with acts from pop and hip-hop to create new intersectional sounds that better reflect modern listeners’ genre-blurred interests. Tropical rhythms and youthful abandon rules the airwaves across genres, even as a few old dance-rock favorites returned triumphantly to the spotlight. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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NGHTMRE, Wiz Khalifa, Billboard, News

Coverage: Billboard / Nov 22, 2017

NGHTMRE & Wiz Khalifa Hopped on PnB Rock’s Dancehall-Tinged R&B Jam “TTM”

Life is but a dream and love is what you make it, or is it the other way around? The whole world seems like fantasy when you press play on PnB Rock’s “TTM,” a tune from the Philly hip-hop artist’s recent LP Catch These Vibes, featuring a verse from fellow PA don Wiz Khalifa and production credits from genre-bending LA producer NGHTMRE. (…) “TTM” was originally intended as an original release for the dance producer, but PnB Rock fell so head over heels for it, he asked to add it to his official album track list. Catch These Vibes also features appearances from Smoke Purpp, Lil Yachty, Russ, A Boogie Wit a Hoodie, Ugly God, and 24 Hours, putting NGHTMRE in rather fine company. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Flaunt Magazine / Nov 13, 2017


Wongo is working from home at the end of the world. As the producer known for his eclectic takes on house music starts in on the day’s first cup of coffee at 9 am in Gold Coast, Australia, I ask if he’s ready for his upcoming Paradise Tour, during which he’ll spin the impressively genre-transcendent track “Paradise,” showcasing the soulful female vocals of fellow Australian native San Mei. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Wongo, Flaunt, Interview, Sweat It Out, News
NGHTMRE, Billboard, No Coming Down, News

Coverage: Billboard / Nov 10, 2017

NGHTMRE Drops New Track ‘No Coming Down’ With Alex Wiley & Sky Montique

It’s his third single the ‘NGHTMRE – II’ EP, which will be out in December. NGHTMRE is living a day dream on his latest single “No Coming Down.” It’s a smooth ride through the musician’s imagination, and when this easy-going vibe gets into your veins, you’ll never want to wake up. A fresh blend of soulful groove, laid back hip-hop and future bass atmospheres churn up a tune that both invigorates your spirit and relaxes your mind. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Oct 27, 2017

Kayzo and SLANDER Release Second Collaboration “Holy”

Just in time for Halloween, Kayzo and SLANDER drop some righteous bass, a real devious drop for the unholiest among us. “Holy” is the second collaborative track from the friends, following the down-tempo, emotional melody of “Without You.” The tracks are released as a pair on an EP called Dilapidation Celebration. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Kayzo, SLANDER, Billboard, Holy, News
Wongo, Complex, Sweat It Out, News

Coverage: Complex UK / Oct 27, 2017

Glide Into Wongo’s Electro Pop “Paradise” With San Mei

Aussie producer Wongo hasn’t had what you’d call a typical career path. In fact, before stepping behind the decks the Gold Coast resident was an award-winning breakdancer. After winning multiple titles in the UK and Australian Championships, Wongo retired from that world and switched lanes into music. Now, after a dozen or so singles and EPs, Wongo is back with his newest cut “Paradise”. A little lighter than some of his recent house cuts, “Paradise” is a bouncy, snappy piece of electro pop that cracks the whip between San Mei’s airy, crystalline vocals. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Papermag / Oct 13, 2017


Felix Cartal has established himself as a major name in electronic and dance music, garnering over 45 million Spotify streams of his moody, melodic tracks. His new release “Hold Tight” (the follow up to his recent hit “Get What You Give”) pays emotional tribute to the value of unity in times of darkness and adversity. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
felix cartal, papermag, hold tight, news
Deorro, Burn Out, Dancing Astronaut, Panda Funk, News

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut / Oct 07, 2017

Deorro does “Burn Out” with latest release on Panda Funk Records

Deorro has spun his wheels and left us in a cloud of smoke with his latest release on his own Panda Funk Records, “Burn Out.” Deorro is known for having an experimental and heavy sound. “Burn Out” accomplishes all of those things. It’s a simplistic, minimal, and bare tune that delivers a punch throughout. A whiny synth, deep house bass, and hardstyle rhythm ensures that the energy remains consistent throughout the fiery adventure that is the record. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Sep 22, 2017

“Hold Tight” To Sweeping Melodies With Felix Cartal

Next time you’re feeling like the world has you down, listen to Felix Cartal and “Hold Tight.” The Vancouver producer knows a thing or two about stamina. He’s been in the game for nearly a decade, carving his own path in this crazy dance music world, building a loyal fan base track by track, unafraid to challenge himself with new sounds. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Felix Cartal, Billboard, Hold Tight, News
Dirty Audio, Mob, This Song Is Sick, News

Coverage: This Song Is Sick / Sep 21, 2017

Dirty Audio Delivers Bass-Fueled Trap Heater “Mob” With Carbin Ft. iE-z [Free Download]

“Mob” is a collaboration with producer Carbin and features rapper iE-z who all come together for quite a track. This song is a hybrid trap anthem with an assortment of other bass elements sprinkled throughout for a high energy track. Listen below and grab a free download. Enjoy! CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag UK / Sep 05, 2017

Max Styler tells DJ Mag UK how to create the freshest sounds on the dancefloor

Max Styler, DJ Mag, Killer Sounds, News
Paris & Simo, Karen Harding, Uproxx, News

Coverage: Uproxx / Aug 25, 2017

Montreal EDM Duo Paris And Simo Vibe With Karen Harding On “Come As You Are”

Today Montreal-based producers Paris and Simo debuted their latest track, “Come As You Are,” featuring UK house dynamo Karen Harding. You can hear it above. Paris and Simo’s bouyant production lays the groundwork for Harding’s huge voice and the song’s even bigger chorus. In a press release, the duo explain that the song is meant to be an anthem that celebrates the freedom and positive vibes of the electronic music scene, saying, “we firmly believe that everyone should have freedom of expression without being judged to share their ideas.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Music Radar / Aug 10, 2017

Max Styler: 5 things I’ve learned about music production

Having signed to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label at the tender age of 18, Californian Max Styler could be considered something of an electronic music production prodigy. Now 21, he’s spent the past three years playing at festivals around the world and honing his skills in the studio, and recently released his new single Promises, featuring GØLDN. He may be young, but Max has already learned plenty about the music production process, as he’s about to tell you… CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Music Radar, Max Styler, Production, Dim Mak, News
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Coverage: Mixmag / Jul 24, 2017


Perhaps the dichotomy of his deceivingly childlike moniker is part of the mystique of BlackGummy, a mysterious Los Angeles-based producer that has been added into the fold as a staple of the celebrated Mau5trap label. Readying to release a brand new four-track EP called “Monolith”, BlackGummy has offered up the daunting and ominous intro track called “Iconoclast” to Mixmag as a hearty, dark taste of the bass-driven techno sounds to expect from the artist. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: CP24 / Jul 09, 2017


On July the 8th, prior to the Dreams Festival, DVBBS stopped by CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News to talk about their rise to fame on the international electronic dance music scene and future plans. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS
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Coverage: Dancing Astronaut / Jul 08, 2017

Nicky Romero releases “5 Years Of Protocol” EP with remixes from John Dahlback, Stadiumx, and more

Nicky Romero and the Protocol Recordings team are celebrating their fifth birthday with an epic series of events and brand new music releases. There’s no doubt that Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings crew know how to bring the heat, and they’re going all out for the label’s 5th birthday this year. The highlight of their master plan comes in the form of five major new tracks on an enticing EP package. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: / Jun 09, 2017


ATTLAS is an extremely talented producer, one with steadfast dedication to the art of music. He uses sound to carefully weave stories, in a distinctly sincere and heartfelt manner, rather than putting out songs to cater to people’s likes. He takes his ideas and his feelings, and finds a unique and invigorating way to incorporate them into sounds. With producers conforming to trends so often these days, it is refreshing to see some stay true to their art, like ATTLAS. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard / Jun 08, 2017

Viceroy and Tom Aspaul “Improvise” on New Genre-Bending Single

When it came to taking on a new genre, San Francisco-based producer Viceroy’s best bet was to just try and wing it. On his new track “Improvise,” a collaboration with British singer-songwriter Tom Aspaul, Viceroy trades the electronic beats for a disco rhythm with the same signature summertime vibes. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: The Huffington Post / May 26, 2017

Premiere + Interview: “Still” feat. Ben Stevenson by Toronto producer Bobby Love

“Still” is a versatile track, fitting for hot summer days and late nights that turn into mornings. It’s warm and inviting, the work of Toronto based producer Bobby Love and vocalist Ben Stevenson. According to Love, the sound is something out of the ordinary. Before this, he had been releasing mostly house leaning tracks. Created in the middle of the night, the track “is the first time I’ve opened this side of myself to the world,” he says. We’ll have to see if Bobby Love makes more downtempo r&b influenced tracks like this in the future, but for now, at least we have “Still.” Check out the premiere below, as well an interview with Bobby Love. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Mr. Suicide Sheep / May 26, 2017


Mr. Suicide Sheep featured MORTEN’s newest release “Keep Me From You” featuring. ODA. Released on Warner Music. Check it out. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS

Coverage: OC Weekly / May 16, 2017

Helena Legend Fuses the International Dance Music Scene with Her New SoCal LIfe (interview)

Helena Legend isn’t just one of the world’s top female DJs — for that matter, she’s not even just a DJ. With a new clothing line and a massive social media presence to match, the world-traveling British-born artist is rapidly becoming a star on both a national and international level. But growing up, Legend didn’t intend to become a DJ superstar. She was merely a dance music superfan who couldn’t get enough of the sounds and the culture. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: XXL / May 03, 2017

2 Chainz Turns Up on Steve Aoki and DVBBS’ New Song “Without U”

After a year in the making, Steve Aoki and Canadian electronic duo DVBBS officially drop their highly-anticipated 2 Chainz collaborative single “Without U.” The superstars came together in early 2016 to make the record, which was originally titled “Wouldn’t Be Me Without You.” The title was later trimmed down and Aoki debuted the song live at Ultra Music Festival 2017. The record will appear on Aoki’s upcoming album, Kolony. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Complex / May 01, 2017

Steve Aoki Joins Forces With DVBBS and 2 Chainz for “Without U”

For several years, superstar DJ Steve Aoki has been talking with 2 Chainz about collaborating. Back in early 2016, they made it happen. It took a while, but they’ve finally shared the results with the rest of us. Aoki and Chainz, along with Canadian duo DVBBS, have just released “Without U.” (…) As you might imagine, “Without U” has elements of both the dance and EDM so familiar to Aoki and DVBBS, and hip-hop via an energetic performance from 2 Chainz. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: The Huffington Post / Apr 27, 2017

Florian Picasso & Raiden team up for “Hanabi” (incl. an interview)

Hanabi is a study in tension and release, push and pull, melody and distortion. A collaboration between Florian Picasso (who happens to be the great grandson of Pablo Picasso) and Raiden from Korea, the track showcases the potential of a shared idea. Released via Protocol Recordings, the label’s A& R and Creative Director Jorik Van de Pol says the record is exactly what the label is looking for with their new artists, “to seek the opportunity to explore yourself musically and create something amazing with likeminded artists. (…) Check out the premiere below, as well as an interview with both Florian Picasso and Raiden. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Global News / Apr 13, 2017


Seasons 2017 Music and Arts Festival underway in Vancouver. One of the performers at this weekend’s event is American bass/trap artist “Dirty Audio”. He gives us a lesson on what EDM is all about, touching on its reputation for drug use. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS
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Coverage: Hype Machine / Apr 03, 2017

Felix Cartal’s “Get what You Give” reaches #1 on Hype Machine

Acclaimed Canadian producer Felix Cartal brings his prevalent & innovative sound to Enhanced for the first time in the stylish, feel-good hit ‘Get What You Give’. With a host of standout productions alongside the likes of Kaskade, international tour dates and a reputation for delivering some of modern dance’s highly praised releases, Felix Cartal is firmly seated in the ascendency. Bringing an infectious reboot, ‘Get What You Give’ delivers Felix’s imitable approach in a sophisticated record showcasing the Vancouver native’s polished, sophisticated sound. After receiving support from Billboard, Dancing Astronaut, This Song Is Sick, your edm among others, the track has just reached #1 on Hype Machine as “The Most Popular track On Blogs now”. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Mar 24, 2017

Felix Cartal Drops Infectious Track “Get What You Give”

Canadian producer Felix Cartal is bringing us all the melodic, feel-good vibes on “Get What You Give,” premiering exclusively on Billboard Dance today. The track is an unique take on New Radicals’ ” You Get What You Give” with layered snaps and piano until synth takes over in the hook with upbeat bass and distorted lyrics. The vocals are super crisp as they keep with the original lyrics, “You’ve got the music in you / Don’t let go / You’ve got the music in you / One dance left.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Mixmag / Mar 17, 2017


Despite being a relatively new face on the scene, David Nothaker’s burgeoning career has already landed him a seat amongst some of America’s most noteworthy bass-tipped producers. Following outputs on Monstercat and Armada Captivating and now catching the attention of the mau5trap head honcho himself, the St. Louis, Missouri producer contributes ‘Abyss’, a growling, warbling exploration that’s seeped in mysterious, otherworldly and mau5-approved vibes. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag / Mar 13, 2017


The year is 2017. The month is March. This means one thing: We are going to Miami where the heat is on all night on the beach (and day!) There’s no better place to make memories (some foggier than others), and meet new people – if only for a quickie. Welcome to Miami! DJ Mag USA gets the inside scoop on WMC from your fave DJs. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard / Mar 09, 2017

Catch a Tan Listening to Nicky Romero’s Protocol Miami 2017 Compilation

Grab the sunscreen, slather it all over your body, and throw your shades over your eye holes. You’re gonna feel the blazing, blinding Miami sun as soon as you press play on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings Miami Mix for 2017. (…) If you haven’t bought your tickets to MMW yet, this whole compilation will have you ready to drop dollars, especially when you hear the whole Protocol crew will come through to mix their best hits, unreleased and otherwise, at ORA Miami on Miami Beach, Thursday, March 23. Performers include Nicky Romero, Florian Picasso, YVES V, Raiden, SDJM, and Tom Tyger, plus special guests. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut / Mar 06, 2017

Trilane & Yaro (feat. Max Landry) – Miss Out (Nicky Romero Edit)

2017 got off to a decent start for Romero and Protocol, releasing their Miami 2017 compilation in advance of his Miami Music Week performance on March 10. In addition to this collection, the producer recently dropped a new edit of Trilane & Yaro’s “Miss Out.” The song features melodious synths and an equally mellow beat drop, with vocalist Max Landry further adding to the soothing tone of the song. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: NBC San Diego / Mar 03, 2017

The Helena Legend Takeover

100.7 KFMBFM’s Robin Roth chats with UK-born, Australian-bred powerhouse DJ/producer Helena Legend before her Omnia San Diego show on Jan. 26. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS

Coverage: 92.3 AMP Radio / Mar 03, 2017

Peking Duk Talks Passion Pit, Formerly Being a Barista and More

Peking Duk – an EDM duo hailing from Canberra, Australia. No, there’s no relation between them and that restaurant Peking Duck House on East 53rd. They do share one thing in common, though… they’re both amazing. Off the rip, I had to ask the guys where the name came from, and they had a very…er…’creative’ explanation. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS
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Amba Shepherd Entertainment Weekly, Wide Awake & Dreaming, News

Coverage: Entertainment Weekly / Mar 03, 2017

Amba Shepherd’s “Wide Awake & Dreaming” supported by entertainment weekly

Having collaborated on Hardwell’s “Apollo” and “U Are” with Paul Oakenfold in the past, Australian singer-songwriter Amba Shepherd enlisted Dutch producer Tommy Rocks for her latest, high-energy solo single. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Galore Mag / Mar 02, 2017


Helena Legend knows that sometimes the only way to get rid of a dude is to ghost him. The boss EDM babe released Part II of her EP “No Explanations” today, and she’s showing a whole new side. First off, Helena sings on a bunch of the tracks, a first for her. Second off, the first track, “Ghost Ya” is seriously relatable for any girl who’s had to deal with a clingy dude. We talked to the Aussie musician about how to curve a dude, her new EP, and crazy fans with foot fetishes. Check out the exclusive photos and interview below. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: CP24 Breakfast / FEB 25, 2017



Coverage: Entertainment Tonight Canada / Feb 24, 2017


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Helena Legend, Billboard, Interview, Fashion Line, Exclusive, News

Coverage: Billboard / FEB 24, 2017

Helena Legend on the Meaning Behind New EP “No Explanations Pt. 2” and Creating Her Own Fashion Line

Helena Legend sits down with Billboard to discuss tour life, the meaning behind her new EP, and the shift in her music that inspired her upcoming fashion line. “Now, in the midst of traveling on her “Beauty and the Beard” tour with fellow DJ Kennedy Jones, releasing her No Explanations Pt. 2, and putting the finishing touches on her upcoming single, Legend decided there’s no better time than the present to get back into fashion, creating her own clothing line.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: This Song Is Sick / Feb 16, 2017

No Way Back DelIvers Chill House Song “Minute” Ft. Sophia Black

Los Angeles-based producer No Way Back is making his TSIS debut on his latest track “Minute” featuring Sophia Black. The soulful tune arrives today via Enhanced Music and carries an uplifting tone throughout. The chill house song will surely put you in a good mood after listening. No Way Back, aka Anthony Pisano, has created a mellow, grooving single for his latest original and is a great introduction to his music. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: DCW50 TV / FEB 13, 2017

DCW50 caught up with DVBBS before their performance at Echostage

Few producers have risen to the top in the electronic music scene as quickly as DVBBS, who captured the industry’s attention with their hits “Gold Skies” and “Never Leave”. The Canadian brothers Alex and Christopher have been continuously cultivating their sound since their debut in 2012, and their latest EP, “Beautiful Disaster,” is the most dynamic display of their musical prowess yet. CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS

Coverage: Power 106 FM / Feb 08, 2017

Peking Duk at Power 106 FM

One of Australia’s hottest musical exports, PEKING DUK, HAVE STOPPED BY The West Coast’s premiere RADIO station, LA’s POWER 106 FM, FOR AN INTERVIEW FOR THE POWER’S POWERTOOLS SHOW.
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Coverage: REVOLT TV / FEB 03, 2017

Peking Duk “Stranger Remixes Pt. 2”

Late last year, Peking Duk released their cinematic anthem “Stranger” featuring Elliphant. Instantly, the Australian duo took the scene by storm with over 10 million streams. With an effervescent sound, it was only right for this duo to take things to the next level with their two-part remix package. This time around for Round 2, Peking Duk stars Wax Motif, Faux Tales and Jackal. Wax Motif opens with a future house infused remix, Faux Tales works with a chilled out bass and uplifting instrumental, while Jackal’s version is slightly whimsical and dreamy. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: The Huffington Post / Feb 01, 2017

Helena Legend shares “RU Feeling It” ft. Lyre

A good music video can transport us to another world, often a place we’ve rarely seen on film. In Helena Legend’s new video, directed by James Winterhalter, we are transported through the night of Shanghai, the “real” Shangai, as our narrator decrees in the opening voice over. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: FUSE TV / Jan 20, 2017


2016 saw electronic favorites DVBBS inch their way closer into the pop world and now the best friends are looking to go even bigger both in pop and EDM this year. Watch above as the guys share details about new music including collaborations with 2 Chainz, Steve Aoki and Belly, plus a session with Cody Simpson that fans should be able to hear on DVBBS’ forthcoming EP. Member Chris Chronicles adds that they’re ready to “experiment a little bit more into the pop world and also keep our foot still in the electronic world by releasing a live banger here and there meant for live shows and the festival world.” CLICK TO WATCH THE NEWS

Coverage: AOL BUILD / Jan 13, 2017


From Tomorrowland to EDC and Ultra, electronic artists, DVBBS, have been hitting up the top music festivals since their debut in 2012. The Canadian brothers, Alex and Christopher, who make up the group, have a new EP out, “Beautiful Disaster,” and they are stopping by BUILD to discuss their music. Interview at 692 Broadway in NYC for BUILD Series. CLICK TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW
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Coverage: This Song Is Sick / Jan 11, 2017

Dirty Audio Teams Up With Max Styler On Melodic Trap Single “Roller Coaster”

In 2016, Dirty Audio dropped one of the biggest trap releases of the year with “Gettin’ That”, a filthy collaboration alongside Rickyxsan. To kick off the new year, Dirty Audio has teamed up with Max Styler for “Roller Coaster”, a unique and versatile release on Monstercat. The single is introduced by a warm melodic progression that’s soon interrupted by aggressive trap drums. However, they switch things up again at the drop with a pleasing future bass progression filled with vocal chops and uplifting pads. Catering to the “Roller Coasting” title, the tune goes for another spin with filthy trap synths to headbang to. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Clash Magazine / Jan 09, 2017

Plastik Funk – “Sunrise” ft. Katt Rose

Vowing to make ‘bliss house’, the production pairing set about keeping their promise in the most luxurious way possible. Releasing a string of exuberant, uproarious house cuts, Plastik Funk delivered ‘Sunrise’ just as 2016 was drawing to a close. Out on January 9th, Katt Rose adds her vocals to a cut that captures the feeling of partying all night, and the rising sun shining down on those aching muscles. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Dancing Astronaut / Jan 04, 2017

DJ Snake x Yellow Claw – Ocho Cinco (Dirty Audio Remix)

DJ Snake and Yellow Claw’s “Ocho Cinco” from the Parisian producer’s debut album Encore has seen its fair share of remixes. 27 of them to be exact. The stand out remix in the package comes at the hands of up-and-comer Dirty Audio who instilled the mix with his own barrage of dirty dubstep drops and mayhem-making rhythms. The resulting output is undoubtedly destined for Main Stage festival adoption. And may even surpass the original’s appeal on big sound systems for bigger crowds. This one is mean. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: DJ Mag France / Dec 29, 2016


DJ Mag France Caught up with the german house music producer – eddie thoneick which resulted a 1 page feature in the newest printed issue of the magazine. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS (FRENCH)
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Coverage: DJ Mag / Dec 10, 2016


Helena Legend released her three-track ‘No Explanations Part 1’ yesterday (Friday 9th December) via Ultra/Sony, and can now stream the EP in full below. As a triple threat — Legend is a DJ/producer, singer and songwriter — her latest EP incorporates synth-laden futuristic melodies, thumping basslines and strong vocals. Collaborations on ‘No Explanations Part 1’ include LA-based singer/songwriter and producer duo LYRE, along with fellow Australian Blake Rose.Helena Legend released her three-track ‘No Explanations Part 1’ yesterday (Friday 9th December) via Ultra/Sony, and can now stream the EP in full below. As a triple threat — Legend is a DJ/producer, singer and songwriter — her latest EP incorporates synth-laden futuristic melodies, thumping basslines and strong vocals. Collaborations on ‘No Explanations Part 1’ include LA-based singer/songwriter and producer duo LYRE, along with fellow Australian Blake Rose. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Music Radar / Nov 25, 2016

Plastik Funk show you their favourite pieces of kit

It’s been a busy year for Plastik Funk. The German house duo (Rafael Ximenez and Mikio Gruschinske) have released both remixes and original music, and over the next few weeks they’ll be touring the globe, rounding out 2016 in Switzerland on New Year’s Eve. Fortunately, we managed to pin the guys down while they were back in their studio, and we asked them to show us what they’ve got in there and tell us all about it. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: Billboard / Nov 22, 2016

Breathe Carolina & IZII Channel The One Who Got Away in ‘Echo (Let Go)’ Video

Breathe Carolina and IZII team up to remember the good times and the bad with a lost love in their new “Echo (Let Go)” music video, premiering exclusively with Billboard. The Ethan Jacob-directed clip shows a couple struggling to find happiness together thought a tumultuous relationship, cutting between scenes of romantic bliss and torment that get to the root of the song. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Nov 19, 2016

Slander’s “Duality” EP Features Remixes From NGHTMRE & More: Listen

Beauty and ugliness. Joy and horror. Soft and hard. Love and fear. Life is what happens in the gray area between humanity’s great dichotomies. It’s in the struggle toward one and the other that makes our existence so bittersweet, and it’s also the perfect fodder for musical creativity. Slander calls upon these forces on his latest EP ‘Duality,’ out today on Mad Decent. Its two original tracks are light and dark. “Love Again” feat. WAVS lingers like romance, while “Dead” hits hot like a fever. Thrashing guitars versus angelic vocals. Which is your favorite? CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
Slander, Billboard, NGHTMRE, Diality EP, Mad Decent, News
Slander, NGHTMRE, Duality EP, Mad Decent, Dancing Astronaut, News

Coverage: Dancing Astronaut / Nov 18, 2016

Slander – Dead (NGHTMRE Remix)

From the Gud Vibrations bus tour, to the massive success of their Nuclear Bonds EP, the three producers have not slowed up for a second in 2016. The diabolic discordance continues as NGHTMRE works his magic on the LA’s duo’s morbid and menacing “Dead” as part of the remix package for their Duality EP. Like everything he touches, NGHTMRE’s reimagination is a lesson in impeccable sound design, earning his remix a nod as the most notable and attention-grabbing on the seven track package. If you need something to set Friday night off right — look no further. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: This Song Is Sick / Nov 16, 2016

JOYRYDE Makes OWSLA Debut With “Hot Drum”

Calling all ryders, JOYRYDE has made his exciting OWSLA debut with “Hot Drum”, an adrenaline-pumping record filled with heavy future house synths, tight vocal samples and street-inspired percussion. JOYRYDE released his latest single, “Hot Drum”, independently two months ago, but it brings us great excitement that Skrillex’s imprint has picked up the record and given it their stamp of approval. Best of yet, the tune has been matched with a visually-stunning music video featuring slick racing cars. Enjoy! CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
JOYRYDE, This Song Is Sick, OWSLA, Skrillex, Hot Drum, News
Billboard, SLANDER, YOOKiE, After All, Never Say Die, News

Coverage: Billboard / Oct 26, 2016

SLANDER and YOOKiE Go Absolutely Ape on “After All”

Fresh from the roving ovens of the Gud Vibrations Bus Tour, SLANDER and YOOKiE unleash an outright aural attack on your brain. “After All” features misleadingly sweet vocals from Jinzo. We say “misleading,” because the song’s verses do not prepare you for the most jarring drop you’ve ever heard that lurks around the corner. SLANDER says the duo’s been “cracking skulls open” with this song for the past month, and we believe them. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: ADE Radio / Oct 24, 2016

ADE Radio with: VASSY

For the third consecutive year THE LEGENDARY AMSTERDAM DANCE EVENT IS running THEIR highly successful radio show, presenting three days packed with interviews, exclusive listening sessions, recordings and a series of live streams from the event. CLICK TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW
VASSY, Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE Radio, Amsterdam, Interview, News
NGHTMRE, DJ Mag, Italy, Feature, News

Coverage: DJ Mag Italia / Oct 24, 2016


When we talk about international trap scene best acts, NGHTMRE is one of the names we definitely cannot ignore. NGHTMARE is one of the first name that I am thinking of when some friends of colloeagues asks me about what trap music to listen to. The best definition for this act would be “the next big thing”. Speaking of which, it’s no secret anymore, looking at all the collabs the LA based producer has done only in the last few months. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS (ITALIAN)

Coverage: DJ Mag US / Oct 14, 2016

Fat Of The Slander

LA-BASED PRODUCER ACT, Slander (Derek Andersen and Scott Land), went from DJing as a hobby in college to debuting at EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland within the last couple of years. Slander’s distinctive creative approach to production of their own original tracks and remixes set them apart from the inundation of budding producers. Their bass-thumping remix of Showtek’s ‘We Like To Party’ with NGHTMRE has contributed to their everpresent popularity. The duo recently announced their forthcoming nine-track EP, “Duality”, due out via Mad Decent this fall. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Clash, Tw3lv, Premiere, Sunset Skies, Dirty Soul, News

Coverage: Clash Magazine / Oct 14, 2016

New from Dirty Soul, purveyors of a higher class of house

The product of two producers who share a rich background in the French electronic scene, TW3LV bring to life a mutual love for ’80s music, while recreating it in a thoroughly modern fashion. Fittingly, ‘Sunset Skies’ is evocative of the best scenes of teenage escapism as imagined by Hughes and Spielberg, but is at once auspiciously apt as our evenings grow shorter and summer is but a fading memory. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: The Huffington Post / Oct 13, 2016

VASSY Discusses Life in Australia, Charity Work and her Favorite Festivals

“I’m very outdoors. I like parks and nature. I like gardening. I like animals. I like normal stuff not having anything to do with the industry,” VASSY told me with an affectionate laugh. Vassy Karagiorgos, known to the EDM universe as VASSY, has been making a gigantic splash on airwaves all over the world. The Australian vocalist made history when “We Are Young” reached number 1 on the US Billboard Dance Charts making her the first Australian Artist to go number 1 with her solo single debut release. Despite establishing herself as the queen of the dance floor, VASSY had to scratch and claw her way to the top of the charts while growing up in Australia. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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PANG!, Uproxx, Cigarette, Dirty Soul, Sweden, News

Coverage: Uproxx / Oct 07, 2016

PANG! Opens Up Their World On Calming New Single

For an artist, building a brand is an essential part of the job, despite there being no music involved. It’s a business after all, right? One of the more curious ways to do this is by mysteriously hiding the musician’s identity, letting the music speak speak for itself. Think Daft Punk or early GoldLink. One group that’s taking this concept to the next level is PANG!, a Stockholm production duo who claims to “create music that makes you feel good” and have created a whole universe to accompany their sound. “It’s a cartooned world where we try to create a world that reflects our music and sound. We want the focus to be on PANG! and not about the two guys behind it,” they told UPROXX from behind the curtain.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: THUMP / Sep 30, 2016

NGHTMRE and LOUDPVCK’s Hardest Song You Hear All Year

for those who miss those face-melting early days, OWSLA’s latest release should do the trick. NGHTMRE, the North Carolina-raised trap producer who’s already released a pair of shuddering tracks in the last couple of months with Zeds Dead and Flux Pavillion, teamed up with the rafter-rattling Los Angeles duo LOUDPVCK for a new single called “Click Clack” that just might be the hardest track of 2016. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
NGHTMRE, LOUDPVCK,OWSLA, Skrillex, Thump, News
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Coverage: Red Bull Music / Sep 22, 2016

Polish Producer Blinders Wants to Be Your Hero

“The idea of ‘Hero’ was to combine a soft and hard vibe into one track at the same time,” says Mateusz Owsiak, the Polish musician who makes dance music as Blinders. He’s talking about his new song, “Hero,” which we’re happy to premiere today. (…) All this talk about heroes made us curious to know who Blinders’s musical heroes are, so we asked him. This is what he said: “Actually, it’s everybody who’s trying something new in music and finding nice ways to develop fresh sounds. They are the real music heroes for me. I really appreciate this way of thinking!” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Revolt TV / Sep 16, 2016

REVOLT premiere: Savi, “Breathe It In” feat. Bryce Fox

Multi-venue DJ and actor Savi teamed up with Bryce Fox for the premiere of his pop-trap single “Breathe It In.” The song serves as a reminder for Savi and listeners to just relax and live life to the fullest.  “Breathe It In” follows the artist’s recent feature alongside Bebe Rexha on Havana Brown’s “Battle Cry.” This doesn’t ring a bell for you? Well, maybe you’ve seen him on shows such as Touch, Entourage, Punk’d, or Greek. And if that still doesn’t ring a bell, Savi will be playing at Faboo Festival in San Diego alongside Steve Aoki and The Chainsmokers on September 17. So, you’ll have a chance to get more acquainted with him then. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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VASSY, Interview, Tiesto, Elite Daily, News

Coverage: Elite Daily / Sep 01, 2016

Meet VASSY, The Voice Behind Tiësto’s And David Guetta’s Most Popular Tracks

For Tiësto to call her “one of my favorite singers in the world,” VASSY has to be something special.  The Australian singer and songwriter took the world by storm in 2014 as the featured vocalist on David Guetta and Showtek’s “Bad” and again in 2015 as the vocalist for Tiësto & KSHMR’s “Secrets.” The two tracks combined have been played more than 723 million times on YouTube.  Since VASSY and Tiësto are clearly such a winning formula, the dutch DJ produced VASSY’s latest track, “Nothing To Lose,” which came out on August 22 after debuting during Tiësto’s set at Ultra Music Festival. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS

Coverage: Billboard / Aug 23, 2016

VASSY Releases “Nothing to Lose” Single on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom Label

Australian singer VASSY teams up with Tiësto for the second time to release her new progressive house single “Nothing to Lose” on the DJ’s Musical Freedom label. “I loved working on ‘Nothing To Lose’ with Tiësto. I’m so happy that the fans resonate with the lyrics,” VASSY exclusively shared with Billboard. “I wanted a real grassroots blue-collar feel for this one to inspire people to take chances, risk it all and fight no matter what. At the end of the day we only get one shot in life.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Coverage: The Huffington Post / Aug 04, 2016

Kryder Unveils “The Chant” From His New Label, The Cartel

Hailing from London is Kryder, a highly ambitious proudcer/DJ who led the “groove movement” in house music along with producer Tom Staar. Known in the electronic scene for his rolling and driving beats, Kryder decided to push forth in a new direction, evolving alongside the sound with which he had become so intimately familiar. In addition to creating music and performing, Kryder also runs an independent boutique label called Sosumi Records where he releases music for free. “Sosumi is a label that I set up to help young up-and-coming DJs get their music recognized by the masses and the industry alike,” says Kryder. “I think there are a lot of artists complaining that they cannot breakthrough, so Sosumi is more of a promotional platform than a record label.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


FTampa releases ‘Strike It Up’ remix package ahead of history-making Tomorrowland…

When it comes to creating mayhem on the mainstage, few do it better than Brazil’s own FTampa. His latest blistering effort, “Strike It Up,” has catapulted the talented producer to all new heights. This weekend he will become the first Brazilian artist to ever grace the Main Stage at Tomorrowland, an honor earned by his effortless ability to draw an unbelievable amount of energy out of the crowd. Ahead of this milestone achievement, he has released a finely curated remix package for “Strike It Up.” Clocking in at six stunning re-imaginations, the package hits on all electronic touch points. From chill trap to bustling garage, no stone has been left unTURNT. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Slander & NGHTMRE Announce part 1 of Gud Vibrations north american tour

“Gud Vibrations is about positive energy/vibrations/frequencies so we wanted to make a stage that reflected those ideas,” the guys say in a joint email statement. “Our first concept was a nuclear silo, but we wanted a more easily recognizable design. Then we came up with the idea of an atom, looked up a few 3D renders, and saw the rings. Once we decided on the final design, we were so excited we found something that had not been done before. Our entire goal with this tour was to create something no one has ever seen, and the Atom made this dream a reality.” CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Plastik Funk Lança ‘This Is It’ Pela Armada Deep

Plastik Funk, duo de house, progressive e tech house formado por Rafael Ximenez e Mikio Gruschinske estabelecido na Alemanha, está lançando seu mais novo trabalho: ‘This Is It’. Esse é o terceiro lançamento pela Armada Deep, label que trabalha com nomes como Bobby Puma, Kolomoneksy e Anjey. A dupla vem bombando esse ano. Após lançarem ‘Here We Go’ e ‘Love & Affection’, o Plastik Funk fez barulho durante a Miami Music Week, tocando na Reload Pool Party e num próprio Plastik Funk & Friends showcase na festa VIVA. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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DENM Spins an Electro-Pop Dream With “Under Pressure”

Diamonds are formed by heavy pressure, and “Under Pressure” is the new electro-pop gem that you need to start spinning in the midst of the hazy days of summer.  Following up “LIT,” which has nearly a half-million plays on Soundcloud, DENM’s second single is the euphoric-yet-melancholic cut “Under Pressure” that’s the type of breezy, sexy dance joints one craves in the July heat. It isn’t a full-fledged, sweaty banger, but instead the Santa Barbara musician brings a subtle, throbbing pop element that’s helped the likes of Zhu and The Chainsmokers break past dance-music fans. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Vassy  explains how she dips in and out of EDM with artistic  focus and integrity…

“EDM embraced me and it’s awesome. I never was trying to be an EDM artist, but it just happened,” explains singer-songwriter Vassy. The Australian native, with deep Greek roots, didn’t plan on becoming one of dance music’s go-to vocalists … it just happened, naturally. “I wasn’t a writer. It just turned out that one of the first songs that I had written ended up getting Song of the Year from [Triple J], which is a big radio station in Australia.” Vassy actually calls it a fluke. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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2elements release Tell Me on Flamingo Recordings: exclusive single stream

For those days that call for a feel-good vibe and just a touch of nostalgia, 2elements has your perfect solution.  The German producer has captured the uplifting persona of the early progressive house music with her newest release, Tell Me. Full of uplifting melodies, dramatic instrumentals, and passionate vocals, the track’s expression of the chaotic and beautiful nature of love take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Dancing Astronaut supports Bobby Puma’s “Come Alive”. Out now on Armada Deep

Bobby Puma has been quite active in 2016. Following his huge collaboration with the legendary Tiesto, “Making Me Dizzy,” Puma is at it again, this time teaming up with vocalist Desiree Dawson to bring you “Come Alive” via Armada Deep.  Desiree’s charming vocals introduce the track and are quickly accompanied by Puma’s high energy arrangement. Puma drops the track into a euphoric deep house groove with bounce written all over it. Fans will be pleased with this latest release as it is classic Puma, maintaining his signature deep sound and style.  CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Florian Picasso Just Dropped an Animated Music Video for His Single “Final Call”

Florian Picasso comes from a lineage of creativity, inheriting his artistic intuition from a bloodline that traces back to Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso. Rather than attempt to fill his great grandfather’s shoes, Florian has brought his own pair instead, striking it rich as one of France’s most promising dance music DJs. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Bobby Puma featured in the printed issue of DJ Mag US. Incl. cover mention

The San Francisco native, Los Angeles-based DJ kicked off 2016 with his release ‘Deeper Than Love’ on Armada Deep after four impressive releases that landed in the Top 10 on Beatport. Electrifying beats chock-full of eclectic musical waves put Bobby Puma on the board in the ever-evolving electronic music charts. His most recent work speaks for itself – a collaboration with pioneering dance music super pimp Tiësto, called ‘Making Me Dizzy.’ The track was released on Musical Freedom at the end of March this year. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Notaker – Infinite (Original Mix)

Monstercat prides itself in having made a science out of finding formidable, undiscovered talent. The Canadian imprint offers a spring board to previously unrecognized artists, such as newcomer Notaker, by giving them access to a widespread audience that is incredibly enthusiastic about and supportive of blossoming talent. With his productions, Notaker immerses the listener by developing deep and rich atmospheres that progress throughout and push his music’s energy into new realms. Inspired by legends like Hans Zimmer, Deadmau5, and Eric Prydz, the young American is already beginning to define his unique style, which meshes spacey, adventurous buildups and heavy, technical drops into a progressive sound that thrives in the mid tempo range. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Go Behind the Scenes of Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers’ “Future Funk” Video

Nicky Romero earned another major accolade in his DJ career when Chic legend Nile Rodgers gave his co-sign and teamed with him for his throwback-inspired EDM jam “Future Funk,” that recently got a slew of sexy remixes released on Protocol Records on April 18. The collab got a ridiculous Wolf of Wall Street-inspired visual in late February, and now we’re getting to see how the whole thing came together. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Felguk Unveils Dance Remix of Zedd’s “True Colors”

Felguk have a friendship that runs deep with fellow producer Zedd, filled with tour memories and collaborative efforts. Now the Brazilian duo share an upbeat dance remix for the title track from Zedd’s True Colors album, exclusively with Billboard Dance. Felguk first met Zedd when they were working on a remix of The Black Eyed Peas single “The Time,” and they all toured together six years ago before Zedd reached superstar status on the charts. They’ve maintained the friendship ever since, along with exchanging tracks, and the “True Colors” remix is Zedd-approved. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


GQ Brasil interviews Protocol Recordings’ boss ahead of Tomorrowland Brasil

GQ Brasil interviews Protocol Recordings’ boss Nicky Romero ahead of Tomorrowland Brasil. Arno Cost, Deniz Koyu, Volt & State, Wildstylez among others gonna also rock Protocol Stage on April 22 in Sao Paulo! CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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Jurab Recruits MC Roga For Thuggish New House Tune, “Gangsta”

Released on April 15 via Partysquad’s Rebel Yard label, Dutch producer Jurab’s “Gangsta” is a force to be reckoned with. Combining ultra-tough electro sounds and noisy bass lines with a Tupac-inspired refrain from MC Roga is nothing short of intimidating. With its huge, choppy rhythms and commanding vocals, “Gangsta” is a teeth-gnashing beast with plenty of low end to back it up. A powerful release from the young producer, we predict big things from Jurab this year. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Nine Lives Launches Elk Road’s “Not To Worry” Into New Orbit

Just when we thought the song couldn’t get any better, the duo pulls out a remix. Nine Lives has added a galactic touch to Australian indie set Elk Road’s “Not To Worry.” The production duo has created a longer intro, making space for listeners to nestle in this version’s jazzier tempo. As Governor’s vocals come in—I’ve got answers but I don’t have truth/ and I’ve got lovers but I don’t have you—a mix of the percussion and space sounds launch the song into a new orbit. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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You Need to Hear The Stafford Brothers’ Remix of Scribe’s “Not Many”

Are you hungry for some EDM on this fine Monday morning? Well, you’re in luck ’cause the Stafford Brothers & Death Ray Shake have delivered another banger! The Aussie dance duo have released a remix featuring our friends across the Tasman, Savage and Scribe, with dance newbie and one-to-watch Death Ray Shake, and it’ll definitely get you in the mood to party this coming Aus Day. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS


Listen to premiere of FMLYBND’s Hearts On Fire EP

Ignore the slacker-rock uniform worn by FMLYBND – there’s nothing laidback or misanthropic about this lot. A four-piece hailing from Isla Vista, California (“a slum beach paradise,” in their words), these friends specialise in the sort of soul-searching yet towering electronic-pop Cut Copy, The Presets, even Ladyhawke looked set to conquer the world with a few years ago, before solo producers took over. But FMLYBND, following in the footsteps of the similarly-minded Jungle, look set to reclaim the stage for live electronic-pop bands. CLICK TO READ THE NEWS
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